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0870 Business National Telephone Numbers - 'SKY'

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Suitable for national and international outbound and inbound business. 0870 can now be diverted to all the destinations of an 070 number including any UK landline or "normal cost" mobile networks, plus destinations in Bands 1, 2 & 3. For call prices see our Price List.

0870 numbers are now included in BT's call bundles, so can cost no more than ordinary 01 & 02 numbers. Ofcom expects other fixed and mobile network operators to do the same.

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Number Price Pattern
08703122SKY £7 Carly
08703143SKY Free
0870314SKY1 Free
0870314SKY2 Free
0870314SKY4 Free
0870314SKY6 Free
0870314SKY7 Free
0870314SKY9 Free
08703147SKY Free
08703163SKY Free
0870316SKY0 Free
0870316SKY1 Free
0870316SKY2 Free
0870316SKY3 Free
0870316SKY4 Free
0870316SKY5 Free
0870316SKY6 Free
0870316SKY7 Free
0870316SKY8 Free
0870316SKY9 Free

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