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The Call Blocker service gives you free unlimited blocking of nuisance and sales calls. As well as costing you nothing, there are no restrictions on how many numbers you can block.

You can even choose between blocking specific numbers and blocking a whole number range, such as all 0845 or 090 numbers, giving you the freedom to answer genuine calls without worrying about repeat cold-callers again.

Just logon to your account, and click Call Blocker. Now type in the number you want to block and add a label to remind you about the caller. Then press the BLOCK button. You can also apply blocking to just one number or for 'All Numbers' contained in your account. Next time blocked callers dial they hear a message informing them that you are not available.

Mid-Call Blocker

Alternatively, if you enable the "mid-call blocking" feature on this page, then you can just dial star hash during any call to block it instantly. The mid-call blocker is not only quick, it also lets you block callers who withhold their number!

Priority Numbers

Your own destinations i.e. divert, ICD destination and memory (label) destinations are automatically set as priority numbers and are not blocked, so that you can't accidentally block yourself. This feature in combination with whole number range blocking can provide great flexibility, so that you can have special numbers setup that a very limited number of people can contact you on.