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Hunt-Group is a powerful call management system which rings a set of phones and mobiles. The sequence and timing can be changed instantly.

Also know as Line-Hunting or Call-Hunting, this low cost service allows multiple phone or mobiles act as a single group (a hunt group). This feature is a somewhat more complex form of call forwarding.

When called , the Hunt Group rings each number in a controlled cascaded sequence, one after the other. The service rings the first number and once the timer has expired the second number will be rung, this occurs until all numbers in the pool have been exhausted.

If the any of the called handsets is busy, the call is immediately directed to the next available line. If all the destinations in the group are busy, then the call is diverted to an alternative, typically voicemail.

The service is ideal for small to medium support desk applications. Sales, technical, accounts etc. An ideal application is where a team is spread over a wide area on mobiles or phones. Use for emergency callout, where a list of numbers is tried in succession until someone who is available and in mobile coverage answers.

As there is no charge for linking Flextel numbers together, you can easily combine Auto-Attendant, Hunt Group, Call-Blast or Diary Rerouting features to build a powerful solution, tailored to your needs.

For example a user can easily setup a series of hunt group destinations, those destinations all having an associated blasting group of upto 8 numbers. i.e. permitting first team call out, then if no answer, backup team call-out. The complexity is up to you and your specific needs. See our Solutions section for more ideas.

  • Target mobiles and phone can be distributed worldwide
  • Programmable ring time from 5 to 30 seconds
  • Make changes instantly from anywhere
  • Built-in voicemail to email as standard
  • Tailor an announcement to suit your business needs, when you can't answer or all phones are busy
  • Built-in recording, logging and call statistics
  • No additional equipment required
  • No worn-out tapes to replace
  • No maintenance, air conditioning or electricity bills

There is no monthly charge for use of the Hunt-Group feature. Callers are charged when a call is answered.

Depending on which type of Flextel number you use, you may not be charged to extend the call to your phone or mobile but your callers may pay more. The choice is yours. Simply put, other than Freephone numbers, some 08 numbers can cost you nothing to operate for calls connected to UK landline, mobiles and some international destinations.

In summary, by selecting the right type of Flextel number type and using UK landlines and mobiles and some international destinations you can operate this feature without cost. For other combinations are prices are competitive. For more detailed information try our Call Price Calculator.

All calls can be recorded as normal. For more information see Call Recording


  1. Activation - after logging in, set the Destination of your Flextel number to Hunt-Group mode, using the drop down menu.
  2. Setup your Extensions - just click Extensions and then add your Extension Phone numbers and Label them for ease of use.

  • Hunt-Time Select the time for each extension to ring, we suggest 15 seconds if you use mobile or international extension numbers. Any longer and there is a risk your callers may hang up and for times over 20 seconds the mobile voicemail might answer and disrupt the hunt program. Any shorter and the mobile may not ring, due to call setup delays of well over 10 seconds, in some congested mobile networks.
  • Voice Mail You can record your own announcement. To find out, how see our Voicemail feature. If you do not want callers to leave a message just cancel it using the dropdown. You can also select an alternative destination e.g. your own voicemail system or a live call answering/receptionist service.
  • Screen Anonymous Callers - just check the Anonymous box. Now any caller that withholds their number will be diverted to the Divert(ICD) destination (normally Voicemail)