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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) delivers calls over the internet direct to your PC or smartphone. To make use of this feature, you will need good quality broadband and your PC will need speakers and a microphone


You can have the equivalent of an extra phone line direct to your PC, without having to buy an additional phone line from BT.

When used on a smartphone you can use wifi rather than your mobile call or data allowance.

Cheaper to run than an additional fixed phone line.

Fully integrates into the Flextel service, so it shows both DND and CLI on a VoIP softphone.
You will need software on your computer that can interpret VoIP. There are hundreds of software packages available of varying qualities, but we've found the products made by Counterpath to be very good.

A stripped down FREE version of the Counterpath software called X-Lite is adequate for many people and they can also provide the BRIA mobile app version for a small charge, which allows you to make and receive VoIP calls on a smartphone.

To receive calls on your Flextel number over VoIP, you need to route your Flextel number, in your Dashboard to Flextel VoIP.

Click on the adjacent VoIP settings section to get the information below to enter into your downloaded SIP softphone.

Your username (user id) will be your Flextel number.
The domain required is sip.flextel.net.
We will provide you with a strong password of random characters, which you can reset.
Presentation CLI must be one of your Flextel numbers; do not break the number up with spaces.

Additional settings

Depending on your router and firewall you may also need to:
    use a STUN server, counterpath provide a public one which is stun.counterpath.com
    set your softphone to use Audio Codec G711 (aLaw)
    set your softphone to use UDP packets only
    allow traffic from and to IP address and

If you want to use your VoIP destination as an option for Auto_Attendant then see the VoIP section of Setup for Advanced Users