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Your vouchers are great for earning extra rewards. Just give them away to friends and colleagues. When they're used you'll start earning more rewards.

Earn Extra Rewards

Spend some of your own rewards to create vouchers. Now give these to family, friends and colleagues. When a voucher is used to buy a number, you'll earn rewards from all eligible calls they receive on that number. You will also earn rewards on any further online purchases they make. The vouchers last three months, so if they are not used you can always give them to someone else.

How do I create a create a Voucher?

Logon to your account and from the Dashboard click myRewards from the menu bar. Go down to Vouchers enter the voucher amount you want in the box and now click the create button. That's it!

How do my friends use the Vouchers?

Voucher can be used to buy numbers, just by shopping on the website as normal.

Add numbers to your shopping basket, once you have enough numbers, just click the "Got a number discount voucher ?" button, select the voucher you wish to use from the drop down box (or type in the voucher code in the box provided) and then click "Apply Voucher". Now the amount will be automatically debited from the total. Then just checkout as normal or, if needed, apply another voucher.