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See how many calls are made to each of your Flextel Numbers. An invaluable tool for business; showing your missed, busy or unanswered calls.

Call Statistics are a great way to see how well your call centre staff are performing and if you need extra phone lines etc.

Incoming Call Statistics can be viewed through myAccount and the information is updated every 10 minutes.

You can analyse calls made to your Flextel Numbers. This is a free feature and the Information includes:

    • Total calls received
    • Total calls busy
    • Total calls unanswered
    • Total calls answered
    • Percentage calls answered (Answer to Seizure Ratio - ASR)
    • Average ring time
    • Average talk (conversation) time

You can select to have the data either Daily or Monthly for either individual numbers or, all your numbers. You can also export the data, in csv format, for analysis in another program, such as a spreadsheet or database.

Using this mode you can check if your calls are being answered at peak times or if you need to get extra staff, phone lines or simply overflow the excess calls to your free built-in voicemail to email service.

This information is available for every Flextel number as standard in your myAccount.