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Flextel has a fantastic new offer on 03 numbers. If your call package includes these numbers, you can now get free 03 conference calls!

Free conferencing is ideal for business and personal use with all the quality of a landline call and none of the irritations associated with internet calling.

You can use this to contact your family, friends and colleagues to arrange outings for Christmas or to wish them a Happy New Year in one free and simple conference call!

Free Conferencing with 03 numbers

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and
a prosperous New Year from everyone at Flextel.

Save with Monthly Plans

Flextel has released a newly improved shop which now includes money-saving monthly plans, that also guarantees that your flexible numbers never expire.

We have new comparison charts to help you easily choose the right phone number and monthly plan for you. We also have simple tools to highlight the best plans available; just use the sliders to set how much you wish to spend and how many minutes you need per month.

The free VoIP offer that is currently in place finishes at the end of 2014, so from the 1st January 2015 onwards the pricing will revert back to 1p/min, why not look at our new price plans for VoIP. For example the VoIP 1000 package gives you 1000 minutes of VoIP traffic, for only £5, a 50% saving on the standard charges. It is also an opportunity for you to consider different plans that could consolidate your bills and possibly reduce costs further.

All our new plans include free call recording, which is particularly useful for conferencing services and call quality assurance purposes.

The new Callback Cost Calculator lets you see how much you could save with a monthly plan, as the Callback Feature is included as standard. On top of all these improvements Flextel has now added the Callback functionality to the myAccount App for enhanced Smartphone use. Callback let's you present your Flextel number, record your outgoing calls, and make savings on calls to 0800 Freephone, other 08x numbers and international destinations; all of which have very high charges from most UK mobile operators. With Callback you also present a more professional image, while protecting your privacy as your mobile number is never revealed - it's shielded by your Flextel number.


Plan Benefits

    • Reduced costs
    • Dedicated plans for use with UK Mobiles
    • Your numbers never expire
    • Free call recording
    • Free VoIP minutes
    • All prices include VAT (unlike other suppliers).

Further Enhancements

    • Callback cost calculator, with full cost breakdown
    • myAccount App updated to include Callback functionality
    • New easy comparison chart for choosing the right flexible numbers
    • Simple sliders to help choose the right plan
    • Clearer Pricing

Flextel has introduced a new feature called 'Auto-Convert'. With this feature you can choose to let your 08 incoming calls automatically help pay for your 01, 02 & 03 calls. This is called Offsetting; no need for a PayPal account or credit card!

By switching Auto-Convert on, your Rewards from 0844, 0871 and 070 national calls are automatically converted to FlexCredits. These FlexCredits can be used to make and receive calls and is particularly useful for international calls.

To find out how to setup Offsetting, click here

Offsetting can also help you with the following...


Buy Numbers


Call Recording

Conference Calls

International Calls

Intelligent Call Diversion


Don't forget about our fantastic free features...


Anonymous Call Filter

Auto Attendant

Call Blocker

Call Notification
by email

Call Statistics

Dialled Number Display

Fax to email

Flextel Number Presentation

Smart call control
by web, text and touchtone

Smartphone apps

UK Directory Listing
(free advertising)

Voicemail to email


What you need to know about Shellshock ?

The Shellshock vulnerability (a.k.a Bash Bug) is having a widespread impact on servers, desktops, or devices that use Bash scripting. This includes android phones and many modern office telephone systems.

It is estimated that over 500 million web servers could be affected. The bug allows malicious code execution to take over an operating system, access confidential data, or set the stage for future attacks.

...find out more from the BBC

What has Flextel done about it?

Within hours of the hidden Shellshock bug breaking cover, Flextel's technical team had completed a full audit of all its servers and applied the newly released patches, so ensuring the security of our systems and your data.

The Future?

Flextel continues to monitor the progress of Shellshock and watch for other newly discovered threats to ensure your data is kept safe.

If you want to discuss how Flextel can offer you a safer, more secure and cost effective telephone system, then please feel free to contact us.


In celebration of World Cup 2014, Flextel have negotiated special phone rates for calls to Brazil.

Brazilian landlines are now included in our band 1 tariff, so you can divert any of your 070, 0871 or 0844 numbers to Brazil for FREE and your 01, 02, 03, 0845 or 0870 numbers to Brazil for just 4p/minute including VAT.

The benefits of this specially reduced tariff isn't just for use with our call diversion service. If you have friends or family you want to call, make use of our Callback, Call Gateway or FNP features and call Brazil at a fraction of the cost of a normal BT or mobile call.

Where else would you like cheap diversion to? Share your views with us


After reviewing our customer feedback, Flextel has now introduced a new shopping basket which enables customers to purchase and connect numbers much more quickly and easily.

You can now purchase multiple Flextel numbers in one single transaction, using various payment options provided by our partner portal. You can even use your FlexCredits or Vouchers to pay for your new numbers.


What do you think about our new checkout basket? Share your views with us


You can now easily keep track of your FlexCredits balance and how many FlexPoints you collected each month, thanks to Flextel’s simple and clear monthly statements.

These are emailed at the beginning of each month and enable you to see how many Flexpoints you have collected in the previous month, whether they have been earned through calls or referrals and see how many FlexPoints you have converted to vouchers, FlexCredits or cash.

You can also keep track of how many active numbers you have, how many calls you answered and how many minutes you used calling others as well as tracking how many FlexCredits were purchased and used in the last month.


What do you think about our new monthly statements? Share your views with us


Flextel has just released a convenient new points system that is very different from other schemes! FlexPoints are designed to give you much greater freedom over how you collect and use your earnings from Flextel.

Unlike commission-based reward schemes, FlexPoints doesn't place a restriction on how or when you collect your rewards. This means you can now collect FlexPoints whenever you receive any calls on your Flextel numbers and everytime you refer other people to use Flextel numbers. Even new customers who join Flextel by referral will also collect FlexPoints!

Once you have collected £10 worth of FlexPoints or more, you can convert these into FlexCredits, Vouchers or even cash. There's no time limit on earning FlexPoints, once they have been earned, the points are yours for as long as your account is active.

Best of all, there's no cap on how many FlexPoints to collect; the more calls you receive and the more referrals you make, the more rewards you get!

Find out more...

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It’s now effortless to control multiple Flextel numbers simultaneously while on the move, thanks to Flextel's new myAccount app. Unlike the original myNumbers app, this free app lets you access your entire Flextel account using just your admin password and any of your Flextel or account numbers.

There are several new features unique to this app. You can now search for your Flextel numbers by accessing your smartphone’s contacts list, by simply typing in the number or by accessing your saved Flextel memories just as easily as on the website. There are easily identifiable icons next to each of your numbers so you can easily see if a Flextel number has call recording, call notifications or dialled number display (DND) switched on.

In addition, you can also top up your FlexCredits on this app anytime or simply switch on Auto-Topup. These, of course, are just a few examples of Flextel’s many features on this app that you can switch on or off or divert to, anytime, anywhere.

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Click here to download the Android myAccount app

Click here to download iPhone myAccount app

If you like our apps, we’d love it if you could rate them at the Apple and Android stores.


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Thanks to our newly released Callback feature it’s now much cheaper to call expensive destinations such as 08 numbers, international and other Out Of Bundle numbers.

This powerful money-saving feature lets you use FlexCredits to call others from your Flextel number, dramatically shrinking your phone bill. You can also choose any of your Flextel numbers to be displayed as your Caller Line Identity, at just the click of a button!

Callback not only reduces your spend to just a fifth of the cost of calling with your mobile and home phone; international calls are also much cheaper than most landline or mobile tariffs and internet (VoIP) calls are, of course, completely free.

Unlike VOIP calls, with Callback your connection quality won't be affected by the WiFi quality, making Callback a brilliant feature that can be essential for a number of situations such as:

    • Holidays
    • Working abroad
    • Contacting family, friends and colleagues overseas
    • Contacting tour and cruise companies
    • Students contacting parents
    • Travellers calling home

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