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Upgrade to Conference Calling - free recording!

Lots has happened since our last Service Update in March. I hope you like the cleaner lines of the home page and the faster website.

With the recent cold snap our Free Conference service has been a real winner. Don't worry about getting caught in a snow drift or your train being cancelled. Just sit in the warmth and talk.

The latest update to this service lets you record the Conference so, if anyone has missed the call because they're stuck in the snow, you can send them a recording.

Why not use it for a family chat as well. If you can't all get round a fire at least you can sit by a fire and chat!

For more details see the User Guide at: www.flextel.com/features/Conference+Calls/

This year has been an exciting one for us all at Flextel and we're looking forward to bringing even more useful features next year.

Season's Greetings from everyone at Flextel

That's all for now!

Kevin Archer
Marketing Executive

Email: ask@flextel.com
Main : +44 870 3210 100
The Flextel iPhone App is now available and it's completely free of charge!

As we said in our New Year service update, we've got lots planned for 2010. Well, this unique iPhone App is the latest.

If you've got an iPhone, then this App is brilliant for routing your Flextel numbers quickly, on the move (I use it all the time). It's slick and very fast, using your Flextel "Memories" and iPhone contacts.

For full instructions, checkout our iPhone Help page...

To get started download the App from the Apple Store...
download the Flextel iPhone App

We hope you like this App! If you do, we'd be grateful for any good reviews on the Apple store. Of course, this is our first App, so any suggestions are welcome. Just get in touch and we'll sort it out.

For all the latest, keep an eye on our blog at:

Sign up for Twitter alerts at:

That's all for now!

Kevin Archer
Marketing Executive

Email: ask@flextel.com
Main : +44 870 3210 100

0870 back in stock!

Last August, reluctantly, we stopped issuing new 0870 numbers. Ofcom changed the business model for our 0870 numbers, so that our customers had to pay to receive calls, despite the fact that many originating, and particularly mobile, networks continued to charge callers excessively.

However, many existing users retained their 0870 numbers and continued to receive calls by making use of our new FlexCredit topup service.

We are delighted to announce that, once again, we have 0870 numbers available to buy at our on-line shop. We feel the time is right to relaunch 0870, since many phone companies are at last including 0870 in bundles and callers are realizing that 0870 calls are great value.

Calls to our voicemail and fax services will cost you nothing or you can pay just 4p/min to receive calls to UK, USA and most EC landlines. For an additional charge, you can even route your 0870 number to mobiles, or anywhere worldwide.

Many new products are planned during this year with all the latest news available at http://flextel.com/news or sign up for Twitter alerts at http://www.twitter.com/flextel or just keep watching for Service Update emails.

Finally, thank you all, for your continued support and as always we are keen to hear your suggestions and feedback.


Kevin Archer
Marketing Executive

Email: ask@flextel.com
Main : +44 870 3210 100

Well it seems that we passed the Ofcom Challenge with flying colours! Phew!

So moving on, I hope you'll be pleased to see that we've been very busy over Christmas, upgrading and enhancing your service...

Faster service for 2010

We know you're also busy and that you need our service to be as fast as possible. So we've upgraded many of our systems and servers, some using leading edge solid state disks.

The result is an astonishing transformation in performance and so now you'll experience even faster and easier control of your flexible phone numbers!

More powerful service for 2010 - Routing to any country

You can now reroute your Flextel intelligent numbers to any normal mobile or phone destination worldwide.
Thanks to Ofcom - ha! ha!

Just top-up your account using your PayPal (no forms) account or any credit card and you're ready to receive calls at more expensive destinations.

Don't worry, your original free destinations still cost you nothing ...No "smoke and mirrors" marketing from us!

Route Free to your VoIP Phone - Anywhere in the world - Any number range

Even better, you can now receive calls anywhere in the world, at no cost to you and lower cost to your callers...


Get VoIP phone service from any VoIP supplier, using SIP, then just enter your SIP address (looks like an email address) as your Flextel number destination.

As usual, with Flextel, your number is not tied to your phone service provider.

It's really that simple and you'll also save money for both you and your callers (just choose a number with a cheaper calling rate).

Future Developments

Now Ofcom has gone quiet (and my New Year's wish is that they stay that way!), you'll see that we've now got time to bring a range of exciting, innovative and powerful new features to market. Some of which have been delayed over a year, thanks to Ofcom's meddling.

These new features will simply enhance your existing services. No disruptive "clever" redesigns. Your existing service will work as before. They are designed to empower you and your business.

For more details, keep watching this page or sign up for Twitter alerts.

Also look out for developing FAQ's over the next few weeks. For instant help on any of the above, please call our team or email Flextel customer support (see details below).

Finally, I wish to thank you all for your continued support, loyalty and helpful advice. Many of you have been very patient, supportive and considerate over a challenging period. I'm always grateful to hear your suggestions and feedback, good or bad, because in constructive criticism, you often find a great new idea.

So, if you're not happy with what we're doing, please let us know and tell us what you want.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Will Goodall
Founder & Chairman
Email: ask@flextel.com
Main : +44 870 3210 100