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Flextel & Vibe develop new app

download the Smartphone App Flextel teams up with Vibe to develop new app Flextel, the founder of the UK’s first personal telephone number service, has joined forces with brand agency, Vibe , to create an app for iOS and Android, enabling people to control their calls remotely from any country in the world.

Founded by the former head of telecoms at Vodafone William Goodall in 1992, Flextel established its position as a trailblazer in the telecoms market by becoming the first company in the UK to provide full online personal number selection and delivery via the internet.

The virtual number company appointed digital specialists at Vibe to build on the success of its iPhone app by creating a dedicated iOS and Android app with added functionality.

Using the app with a Flextel number allows people to instantly receive calls on any mobile, international or internet phone (VoIP). It also enables the user to select which phone to use to accept calls, using a single number for convenience and efficiency.

The app offers increased functionality, such as the ability to review credit, re-point numbers, create a call gateway, make use of the conferencing system, record calls or switch to a ‘do not disturb’ mode.

Commenting on the development, founder and chairman of Flextel, William Goodall, said: “We are always keen to embrace emerging technologies and enhance our customer experience. The Flextel app has been designed to be highly accessible and to allow fast and accurate re-routing.

“In today’s world of global travel and hyper-connectivity, the app can create a ‘mobile office’ by controlling incoming business or personal calls from any country in the world.”

Added John Rushton, digital director at Vibe : “It was key for us in the development process to enable full integration with Flextel’s systems in a way that ensured the creation of additional functionality and settings didn’t mean constantly having to update the app.

“The main focus for us was making the app as simple and accessible as possible, while providing a fast and accurate service which can be used in any country across the globe.”

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0800 Freephone numbers launched


0800 numbers are now being released for the first time by Flextel, in response to Ofcom's recently announced plans to make calls to 0800 'freephone' numbers genuinely free, even from mobiles.

Currently, calls to 0800 numbers from a mobile can cost up to 21p per minute. However the actual rate depends on the mobile network, the time of day and who is being called, causing confusion over how much callers will realistically be charged.

"By making calls to 0800 numbers free from all phones, we will clear up any uncertainty about making calls, especially from mobiles, to the benefit of consumers and service providers alike," explains Ofcom's Chief Executive, Ed Richards, in their press release.

Will Goodall, Chairman and founder of Flextel and former Head of Telecoms at Vodafone, points out that Ofcom is only just starting to tackle this problem because the cost of mobile calling is now cheap enough to allow free 0800 calls from mobiles. This means that all 0800 numbers will be truly free to call, at all times and from all phones.

"I'm delighted to see Ofcom giving this long-standing issue the priority it deserves," he says. "This will help vulnerable citizens who cannot afford a landline contract and rely on pay-as-you-go mobiles to make important calls. Likewise, businesses that use 0800 numbers will become much more accessible to everyone, without being hampered by mobile calling charges."

Flextel's newly available range of 0800 numbers can be found at http://j.mp/freephone0800 and pricing starts at £50 for a lifetime purchase.


Rare London numbers unveiled

Now you can set up shop in the UK's capital from anywhere in the world, thanks to a new stock of 020 7 London numbers released from Flextel this month.

These scarce, highly sought-after numbers offer a first-class opportunity to set up a virtual business hub right in the heart of London, regardless of where you are geographically located. Traditionally 020 7 numbers would mainly be used in the City area of London, the UK's prime business location.

They are immediately available to buy from just £20 and cost the same to use as other local (01...) UK numbers. There are no hidden fees, just pay as you use.

The 020 7 numbers work just like our other flexible numbers, giving you full versatility, control and privacy. They also come equipped with a wide range of free features that can be switched on or off when needed.

Flextel Chairman, Will Goodall says, "With the 2012 Olympics arriving this summer, London numbers are likely to be more in demand than ever. However Ofcom aren't releasing any more 020 7 numbers, so get them while you still can. Once they're gone, they're gone."

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