Secure & flexible Cloud Telecoms

Our flexible telephone numbers are virtual numbers powered by our own Secure Cloud Telecoms™ service, meaning they'll keep you connected independently of any mobile network, landline and geographic location.

With us, you can say goodbye to archaic office machinery, lost or full voicemails, inefficient switchboards and expensive foreign calls. We provide the solution to all these problems and more.

Work anywhere, seamlessly. Save valuable office space and on electricity and maintenance costs. Host conference calls. Launch one-off campaigns using disposable numbers. Measure performance with call recording and statistics.

Our Secure Cloud Telecoms™ service is safe, scalable and high-performance, as well as being easy to set up without disrupting your current systems - and without costing the Earth.

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Why Flextel?

We're Britain's longest-running virtual number company, going from strength to strength since 1992. We want you to achieve full flexibility in how you're contacted, but without breaking the bank. Putting you in the driving seat helps everyone to save money and gives you complete control.

      • No middlemen you get direct access to your own control panel
      • No restrictions no limits on how many numbers or calls you're allowed
      • Earn rewards the more calls you receive or the more you recommend us, the bigger your rewards
      • Stay secure we endeavour to protect against and reduce fraud & hacking
      • Friendly advice our UK-based Customer Support offers help when you need it, free of charge

Work & play anywhere

No mobile network coverage? No problem!

We offer virtual telephone numbers for seamlessly receiving calls worldwide, independent from any mobile or landline operator. Just one number can give you greater freedom in when and where you take your calls.

  • Thousands of numbers some free to own and use
  • Lots of attractive numbers with memorable patterns or words
  • All numbers come with powerful optional features installed
  • No monthly fees, disconnect for free at any time

Get the right number for the right job

Is your mobile number also your business phone line?
You're losing customers!

Research shows that people don't trust businesses to deliver a professional service if they use mobile numbers. Using the right number increases your credibility and advertising impact. It actually helps your business grow.

          • 01 and 02 numbers reassure people that you're local.
          • 03 numbers present a UK-wide appearance and cost the same to call as local numbers.
          • 08 are nationally recognised business numbers, helping you appear larger and more established.

At Flextel we offer the full range of virtual numbers to fit every purpose and budget. It's easy to create your ideal combination of convenience and professionalism.

Best of all, there's no need to change the way you answer your business calls... all our numbers work on mobiles!

Getting started is easy

Get and set up a number in less than 10 minutes!

Step 1: Choose & reserve your number
Go to our Shop section to find out which type of number is best for you. From here you can browse and reserve any number of your choice.

Step 2: Switch it on
Once you've reserved a number, check your inbox for an email with your unique Activation link. Just click this link and the number's yours.

Step 3: Start receiving calls!
To send your calls to a convenient phone (e.g. mobile) simply add this phone number to your Flextel number's 'Destination' menu. Now you're ready to go!

Ready to explore?

Shield against Cold Callers

The UK Government has just announced sweeping changes to crack down on nuisance callers. New regulations to increase fines on cold callers, are planned to come into force in the future, but what can you do NOW? Why not contact Flextel, we can discuss your options? Cold and Nuisance callers causing you problems then use Call Blocker

Flextel's Call Blocker Service allows you to block unwanted calls in real time from your phone. It also enables you to block after you have received the call, block number ranges like 0870 and it even allows you to block international numbers...

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A few of our Clients

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"We've used Flextel for many years and find the service flexible & easy to use. One plus is total control and the ability to disconnect numbers, change routing or switch to voicemail as and when needed."

Secure Data Systems, Australia

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