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Flextel are the original flexible number company. Providing UK phone numbers for over 26 years, we have the expertise to ensure you get the right service

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How to save money with Monthly Plans
Monthly Plans are ideal for those wanting to save money by bulk purchasing call minutes and keep in full control of their telecoms spend.
  • Our Plans are flexible - You can upgrade or reduce our Monthly Plans, instantly online.
        ...You can also cancel at anytime, without penalty.
        ...most providers force you to have a 12 month contract period for their Plans.
  • Our Plans apply to every number in your account - so it's much easier to select and control
        ...most providers make you buy a plan for each mobile or phone line
        ...this makes it harder to ensure you've got the ideal set of plans and it's easy to waste money.
  • All plans include free Call Recording
        ...with free delivery by email anywhere worldwide.
  • Despite the names, both Mobile and Landline Plans include many low-cost international destinations
       ...for example many EU countries.
  • Plans also save you money for calls to special feature destinations
       ...such as Conference, Flextel VoIP, Queue and Voicemail
  • All Plans give you free automatic renewal of your numbers
        ...saving you the cost and time of calling unused numbers
        ...this also stops accidental loss of numbers that you may need for future use
  • Call-Setup fees are not charged on In-Plan calls
       ...so buying the right plan is a really smart move with significant savings to be made
  • By selecting the right Monthly Plan you can save at least 50% of the Pay-As-You-Go tariff costs. Larger Plans can save you even more. You also get many free services that are chargeable on our basic Pay-As-You-Go tariff.