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Monthly Plans are ideal for those wanting to save money. Bulk purchasing call minutes keeps you in control of your telecoms spend.
  • Buying the right plan is a really smart move with significant savings to be made.
       ...the more minutes you buy, the more you can save, with well over 50% discounts available.
       ...and because Call-Setup fees are not charged you save even more for every In-Plan call.
  • Despite the name, Mobile Plans include many lower-cost international destinations
       ...Europe, the USA, India and Australia, plus many more.
       ...Just use our CallBack App to avoid hefty international call charges on your mobile phone.
  • All plans include free Call Recording
        ...with free delivery by email anywhere worldwide.
  • Plans also save you money for calls to special feature destinations
       ...such as Conference, Flextel VoIP, Queue and Voicemail
  • All Plans give you free automatic renewal of your numbers
        ...saving you the cost and time of calling unused numbers
        ...and the risk of accidental loss of unused numbers, that you may need in future.
  • Our Plans apply to every number in your account - so it's much easier to select and control
        ...most providers make you buy a plan for each mobile or phone line
        ...this makes it harder to ensure you've got the ideal set of plans and it's easy to waste money.
  • Our Plans are flexible - You can upgrade or reduce our Monthly Plans, instantly online.
        ...You can also cancel at anytime, without penalty.
        ...most other providers force you to have a 12 month contract period for their Plans.
  • By selecting the right Monthly Plan you can save well over 50% of the Pay-As-You-Go tariff costs.

    Larger Plans can save you even more. You also get many free services that are chargeable on our basic Pay-As-You-Go tariff.


    Monthly Plans are usually not needed for 084, 087 or 070 numbers, which forward most calls free of charge. However in some case depending on the cost of a feature a Plan might save you money. e.g. call recording of all calls

    If you only need to use our service for calls to Landline or VoIP handsets then a Landline Plan gives the best value.

    If you need calls to mobiles or a some lower cost international destinations then a Mobile Plan is ideal. The mobile plan includes everything in a Landline Plan, plus access to mobiles and selected international destinations including the EU and the USA.

    Flextel's Freephone 0800 numbers use double minutes, as Flextel has to pay BT to receive an 0800 call.

    Monthly Plans start from just 10

    Savings of up to 5p per minute on calls and 1p per recording are possible with the right choice of plan. The bigger the Plan the more you save.

    Just select the right plan for you by adjusting the sliders below, after deciding how much you would like to spend or your monthly spend or your required monthly minutes.

    ...find out more about Plans

    Choose a Plan, add it to your shopping basket and check out. It's that easy.


    You are not currently logged into a Flextel account, you will not be able to purchase a Monthly Plan until you have logged in.

    If you do not have a Flextel account, please reserve a number before adding a plan to your basket.

    Up to £
    More than

    Description  Minutes 


    Monthly Cost 
    PostpaidConsolidatedPostpaid Consolidated Account 0 £0
    Landline0000000200Landline 200 200 £10
    Mobile0000000100Mobile 100 100 £10
    Landline0000000500Landline 500 500 £15
    Mobile0000000300Mobile 300 300 £15
    Mobile0000000500Mobile 500 500 £20
    Landline0000000800Landline 800 800 £20
    Mobile0000000900Mobile 900 900 £30
    Landline0000001600Landline 1600 1600 £30
    Mobile0000002000Mobile 2000 2000 £55
    Landline0000003400Landline 3400 3400 £55
    Mobile0000003200Mobile 3200 3200 £80
    Landline0000005200Landline 5200 5200 £80
    PostpaidConsolidatedPostpaid Consolidated Managed Account 0 £100
    Managed000AccountManaged Account 0 £100
    Landline0000007100Landline 7100 7100 £110
    Mobile0000004500Mobile 4500 4500 £110
    Mobile0000007000Mobile 7000 7000 £165
    Landline0000011000Landline 11000 11000 £165
    PostpaidConsolidatedPostpaid Consolidated Managed Account 0 £200
    Managed000AccountManaged Account 0 £200
    Mobile0000012000Mobile 12000 12000 £275
    Landline0000020000Landline 20000 20000 £275
    Managed000AccountManaged Account 0 £300
    PostpaidConsolidatedPostpaid Consolidated Managed Account 0 £300
    PostpaidConsolidatedPostpaid Consolidated Managed Account 0 £400
    Managed000AccountManaged Account 0 £400
    Managed000AccountManaged Account 0 £500
    PostpaidConsolidatedPostpaid Consolidated Managed Account 0 £500
    Landline0000040000Landline 40000 40000 £550
    Mobile0000025000Mobile 25000 25000 £550
    Landline0000080000Landline 80000 80000 £1100
    Landline0000120000Landline 120000 120000 £1650
    Landline0000240000Landline 240000 240000 £3300

    Plans always offer great value for money...
    The more minutes you buy, the more you save. Check the details by clicking above.
    You also save 5 pence per call, as you don't pay a set up (connection) fee.