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Our Callback application makes low cost calls on your behalf, then rings you back, to save you money on expensive mobile tariffs, even when roaming.


Because Flextel rings your chosen destination on your behalf and then calls you back, you only pay the low cost Flextel rate, not your mobile or phone providers rate. Since Flextel is much cheaper than most calls outside your mobile or phone providers call package, such as calls to international or call to 0845, 0844 and 0871 numbers, you can save a lot of money.

You also keep your mobile or home number private, as our service presents your Flextel number, not your mobile/home number, keeping you fully in control of your return calls. By presenting a Flextel number you appear corporate.


Callback can be easily accessed via our website or through our myAccount App for when you are on the move; making Callback a brilliant feature that can be essential for saving money in a number of situations, at home or overseas.

However, unlike many other services, using Flextel's callback means your connection won't be affected by internet call quality issues, because it uses standard mobile or phone connections for the call itself.

Mobile calls to 0800, other 08 and international destinations are usually very expensive, in excess of 32p per minute. Callback WILL save you money by letting you make cheaper calls from any normal phone or mobile worldwide.

Because Flextel has access to a wide range of UK and international tariffs at significantly lower rates, our Callback feature provides you with greater control on how your calls are placed and routed through our network, for less. You can even use your FlexCredits to pay for any charges incurred using Callback.

Flextel also has a Callback Cost Calculator to help you see how much you could save on your calls with Callback and you can now easily access Callback on the move by using our myAccount App.

Callback also allows you to choose which of your Flextel numbers to present, protecting your privacy as your true telephone number is never revealed, and records your calls for free.

Calls to 03 Numbers cost the same as 01 and 02 numbers and may be included in your mobile contract as bundled minutes. If you exceed your bundled minutes with your mobile or you are a Mobile PAYG customer your network will charge you at normal local rates.

  • Savings on 08 numbers and international destinations
  • Real number shield/protection
  • Callback Cost Calculator
  • Free Call Recording
  • Professional Flextel Number Presentation
  • myAccount App with easy Callback access

  •    Example Situations:
  • Students contacting parents
  • 0800 numbers from mobiles
  • Holidays
  • Working abroad
  • Contacting family, friends and colleagues overseas
  • Contacting tour and cruise companies
  • Travellers calling home

    To use Callback

    Either download the Mobile Callback App or...
    1. Logon to your account. The Callback handset image on the right will change from red... redcallback to green... green callback
    2. Click on the green callback image ...This will open the Callback application.
    3. Enter the destination number you wish to call in the 'dial?' box.
    4. Now click settings and select the Flextel number from the Caller ID drop down box that you wish to present.
    5. Next, enter the number of the handset you are calling from in the 'Calling from' box, for example this can be your mobile or landline number.
    6. Click the 'OK' button at the bottom and this will take you back to the previous screen,
    7. Now click the green 'Call' button.
    8. Your handset will now ring first showing your selected Flextel presentation number. Answer it and you should immediately hear your selected destination number ringing.