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UK Wide






Free diversion to
UK Landline, Mobiles and some
European/USA destinations
Free diversion to many
international destinations
Free diversion to most
international destinations
Free calling from
UK Landlines & Mobiles
Low Cost calling from
UK Landlines & Mobiles
Cost of Calling
per minute
Free Standard call rate 7p* 13p* 49p*
Number Connection Charge
From £1 From £1 From £1 From £1 From £0 From £0 From £0
One-off charge. No monthly fee.
*From 1st July 2015, calls from mobiles to 0800 numbers are FREE and the cost of calling other 08 numbers is split into our Service charge and your Access Charge. The Access Charge is set by your caller's network provider, not by Flextel. Our Service Charges, including VAT, are published in the table above. To get the total price of any call just add the Access Charge to the Service Charge. For 070 your callers should check with their network provider for their charges. Find out more at the Ofcom information page.

Call Charges

The Flextel Prepaid calling service charges allows you to purchase Flextel prepaid credit (FlexCredits) whenever you require more.

FlexCredit enables calls to your Flextel Numbers to be routed beyond the limits of their Free destinations. FlexCredit also permits outgoing calls from your Auto Attendant feature to be extended to most fixed and mobile destinations world-wide. To check the routing costs to a specific destination, see our Call Price Calculator

Another option is to choose a Monthly plan to save money.

Feature Costs

For all Flextel numbers and features, there is no monthly service charge or any other ongoing charges.

Call Recording is charged for each completed recording that is emailed to you. The low fee is fixed regardless of recording length and there is no additional cost per minute.

All other features such as Voicemail, Fax, Conference calls, Auto Attendant, Dialled Number Display and Call Notification are provided free of charge. You only pay for calls at the rates shown in the call charges section below.

Safeguards - Protecting your Investment

If you are using using FlexCredits, you will be notified by email if your credit level gets low. We also notify you if you run out of FlexCredits.

However, unlike may other providers, we do not bar your calls if you have no credit. Instead, as a safeguard, we connect your callers to your voicemail and deliver any message to you, free of charge, via your email address as an attachment. You can listen to this for free on your PC, Mac or Smartphone, such as an Apple iPhone or the HTC Android. This complimentary safeguard is unique to Flextel and protects your investment in marketing your business or corporate numbers. 

Cost of Calling Flextel Numbers

The retail price charged by BT depends on whether the line is business or residential and which calling plan your caller selected. For details please see the BT web site. You may also wish to see BT's Residential Price List and for 0871 and 070 pricing you will need to also review the BT's Residential and Business special number call price list (you may need to click refresh to load BT's price lists correctly). Flextel thinks these documents are too complex and since 2004 has been asking Ofcom to introduce "Call Price Labelling" to better protect consumers and to introduce effective price competition into telecoms markets.

Mobile & Other Fixed Call Charges

We believe calls to our services, from mobile and other fixed phones, should be charged about the same as BT fixed line rates. If you are being charged significantly more than BT's rates, you may wish to contact your service provider. If you are still not satisfied with your service provider's response, please check the Ofcom website for what to do next.

For more information on everything Flextel are doing to simplify this complex area, please see our "Working with Ofcom" page.