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We can help individuals or companies who want to create the appearance of having a 'main' UK office or headquarters but prefer to run their business from several places - such as at home, in hotels while on the move, in various different offices and even abroad.


  • Travel more freely without being restricted to a particular telephone number.
  • Take your Flextel Number with you.
  • Divert calls to other personnel or associates who can take calls for you when you are in an important meeting.

Using a Flextel Number will also ensure that callers will not know the size of your business as well as where it is located, meaning that regional businesses can have greater national presence.


Your virtual address is in London but you normally receive calls in Glasgow. Today, you want your associate in Manchester to answer your business calls. By rerouting your Flextel number to them, they can easily manage your calls without your callers being aware of the location change.


You may use a virtual office/mailing address in one part of the country and receive incoming calls in another, or you may not want callers to know your geographical location when you answer incoming calls.

Many Flextel numbers are completely free to use, so won't affect your long-term business budget. Even start-up businesses will find Flextel Numbers to be an investment for the future, since they can be sold as an asset.