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We can help people who want to convey the best possible image and influence how others perceive them.


Flextel provides a range of memorable numbers. Some cost absolutely nothing to operate, others are cheaper for your callers to call as they may be included in their phone or mobile price plan bundle. Many of our customers have found Flextel Numbers to be an investment for the future since they can be sold as an asset of their business.

For TV and Radio advertising, high call volume is not a problem for Flextel Numbers. You can easily connect to a major call centre at the peak of your campaign, then save costs by directing calls back to your normal sales team once the inquiry volume has subsided to manageable levels.

Examples of uses for high-profile Flextel Numbers:

  1. National Adverts
    • 0370 3210 1234 (for a Liverpool-based company.)
    • 0870 7654 PIZZA (for a pizza delivery firm.)
  2. TV & Radio Advertising can use very memorable numbers
    • 0870 7654321
    • 0370 321 GETLUCKY
  3. Operation Support
    • 07010 PC HELP (PC Manufacture's help desk.)
    • 07010 700 999 (Alarm company's help desk.)
  4. Personal Image
    • 07010 PORSCHE
    • 07010 700 BOSS
    • 07010 700 007
    • 07010 ANDREW


A Flextel Number can assist in providing:

  • a national point of presence for regional companies;
  • a powerful number for campaign responses;
  • a very memorable number for TV or radio advertising campaigns;
  • a temporary number for special events;
  • a unique and personalised gift.