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Use your Rewards to pay for outgoing calls, inbound freephone calls or even our powerful VoIP and Callback services.

This is especially useful if you wish to use our VoIP or Callback service to save money on mobile roaming charges.

Just instantly convert Rewards (earned from calls to your 084, 087 and 070 numbers) to FlexCredits.

This can be done manually or by using our new 'Auto-Convert' feature.

Its really easy, just simply follow these instructions:

    1. Login into your account.
    1. Click on myRewards, this will show you a breakdown of your points earned.
    1. Underneath the 'Spend Points' you will see three sections that offer you the ability to convert
        your points into either 'Vouchers, FlexCredits and 'Cashback'
    1. To offset your outgoing call costs, just covert your points to 'FlexCredits'
    1. Enter the amount of FlexCredits you wish to convert into the box and hit the 'Convert' Button.

  • Thats it! You will now see that your FlexCredits balance has increased. You will be able to find your balance next to the 'Credit' link on the main top bar.

    We also have a handy feature called 'Auto-Convert' whereby all FlexPoints earned are automatically converted to FlexCredits, saving you time and effort!

    This is a time-saving feature, once set you will always automatically make best use of your Rewards.
    1. Log in
    2. Click on 'myRewards' from the main top bar
    3. Underneath 'Earned Points' you will find the 'Auto-Convert' check box. Simply check this and now you can forget about it!

    Your points will be converted instantly to FlexCredits shortly after the end of each call. Once your points have been converted, they can be used immediately to make and receive calls and also help pay for your Plan.