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Collecting Flextel rewards is easy. Earn points when you, or people you've referred, buy online or answer eligible calls on their Flextel numbers.

The more calls to your Flextel numbers, the more FlexPoints you'll receive. It's that simple!

Your available FlexPoints can be redeemed instantly into either FlexCredits or Vouchers. You can also convert your FlexPoints to cash after a three month waiting period, to prevent fraud.

Online purchases

For every online purchase you make through PayPal, you earn FlexPoints. You also earn FlexPoints when people you recommend make PayPal purchases from Flextel or when they receive eligible calls. So when you, or people you have referred, purchase a number, a monthly plan or topup their account, you will instantly receive FlexPoints.

The Flextel points system, FlexPoints, is different to other schemes!

You not only earn rewards for purchases, but also on calls. The way you earn rewards from calls is calculated dynamically and it is based on the very latest wholesale rates. This means we can give you the best deal available at the time of your call!

To find out how many FlexPoints you could collect for calls that are important to you, just use our handy real-time FlexPoints calculator, below...
Calls From Flextel Number Destination Duration in mins Points

Your FlexPoints

You earn rewards on eligible calls answered on your Flextel numbers.

Your Referrals

You also earn rewards on eligible calls answered on Flextel numbers connected using one of your vouchers or using your special referral link. This means you can boost your FlexPoints by getting everyone you know to use Flextel. The added bonus is that the person you referred will also start to receive rewards too and can also recommend others to earn even more FlexPoints.
Take a look at our referring page, to find out more.