We've just added thousands of new free numbers to our website, plus many Freephone (0800), national and local city codes including central London. Ideal for any Business or Charity.

Don't forget to checkout our local geographic codes - we've got the whole of the UK covered. Ideal for any local business, but also for those businesses that need to give a local look for their regional or national call centres.

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We've enhanced our Call Notification service to include alerts via mobile text (SMS). It also includes an emergency Callout escalation process.

In simple text alert mode you just set a text alert by entering a mobile number in the SMS box or clicking 'Set to Current Destination'. This can be really useful, when your mobile is in poor coverage and you miss an important call.

An advanced option - 'Callout SMS' - allows multiple mobiles to be messaged in sequence to permit escalation for mission critical situations e.g. Emergency services, fault reporting line etc. Texts are repeated at your chosen interval period until a designated person replies, as instructed in the notification texts.

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