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Yes you can!
We have developed a built-in Diary rerouting feature, which will let you set up rerouting to specific destinations at specific times of the day.


Use phone, SMS or our Smartphone App.

Dial In - You can use our dial in service to reroute and control the phone services offered by Flextel, just ring the standard number 0370 321 0000, follow the simple automated instructions and our systems will change the rerouting. Look at the simple example below or go to our Dial in User Guide

How to use the Dial In service

Simply type in instead of a new destination number.

  • Dial 0370 321 0000 and wait for the automated prompt
  • Key in your Flextel number
  • Key in your PIN
  • Key in the required destination or enter 1-8 to pick a stored number from memory

Remember to confirm your change by pressing 'One'

SMS - We have a dedicated SMS gateway for customers on the go, just send us a simple text and our automated systems will change how your numbers are routed. Look at the simple example below or go to our SMS User Guide

How to use the SMS service

To quickly change where you want to receive your calls, simply text FLEXTELNUMBER#PIN#PHONENUMBER# (Example: 07010123456#1234#02071234567# ) to our dedicated SMS Gateway number +44 7779 700000.

If successful, you'll receive a reply stating:
Reroute OK for:
a=Flextel number

*Please note a PIN number will be required to complete the operation above. Information on PINs

Smartphone App - Or why not try our Smartphone app for IOS and Android platforms. Try the app, it is free, Smartphone App

For further details please see our Rerouting user guide.


Reroute via a phone

Call our Dial-in Reroute Control line: 0370 321 0000.

If abroad, dial +44 870 321 0000.
The + indicates the local international call prefix. This is usually 00 in most countries including the EU, but the USA still use 011. A full list of international call prefixes can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_international_call_prefixes

Reroute via SMS Text

For our text (SMS) service use +44 7779 700000 when roaming abroad. Your Mobile User Guide will explain how to dial the GSM standard international prefix "+".
In the UK you can use 0 7779 700000 instead, but remember that this will not work when roaming abroad.


Flexible Number & Rerouting

The Flextel service give you very powerful call routing controls. Unlike most other services, with Flextel, you can route one flexible number to another. This lets advanced users build very powerful applications using our building blocks.

However with flexibility comes the risk of complexity.
To assist you in tracking what you are constructing we supply Route Analysis. This helps you avoid endless call loops and also exceeding set limits on the number of simultaneous reroutes that can be supported. This limit is set to 10 at this time. If you think you want more, simply write to us, explaining why, and we will pass it on to our technical team for consideration.

Route Analysis

Route Analysis is split into two parts. The detail of which you will find on the bottom of the reroute screen. To view the full details of this analysis, click view details in the top right of the Route Analysis box. The website will remember your setting while you remain logged on.

1. Call Path Analysis
This shows the path the call could take when a call is dialled to the current number. You should see indicating that there are no errors.

2. Inbound Number Analysis
This checks if you have any Flextel number in your account(s) pointing towards the current Flextel number. You should see the total count of numbers plus indicating that there are no errors.

Error Detection

If the system detects a routing error, it will automatically expand the view to show those errors and display against those numbers with a fault.

No Errors?
If there are no errors, you will only see green icons such as: , , , etc. To view all the numbers, related to the current number, you must click the in the top right of the Route Analysis box.

Further Help

Faults can be complicated in complex applications, so if you are confused, please give us a call during office hours and we will try and help. You may even be able to suggest improvements to this powerful feature.


Fixed Fee Calls: Some services which have a very high initial charge cannot be connected.

Premium Rate Services (Information/Adult etc.): These services cannot be connected and will not be connected in the foreseeable future.


To protect your service from attack, you can set email notifications for each time a destination number is changed. So you will always know where your calls are being directed and the settings you have selected for DND or ICD etc.

See Call Notification for more information.


Did you note the PIN information correctly?
We recommend that all PIN information is either printed or saved to disk for future reference.

Did you activate your new Flextel number after reserving it?
If you did not connect (activate) your Flextel number within 24 hours of reserving it, the number may have been released back to stock.
If you have only just reserved your number, check your inbox (or possibly your spam/junk mail folder) for an email from customer.support@flextel.com containing your unique number activation link.


To use the automatic rerouting service you need to call from a phone that has a keypad with a star * key and dials using touch tones. To check if you have the right sort of phone, lift the handset and dial 0370 321 0000. If you hear tones as you dial then you have a touchtone phone, if not and you hear clicks instead, then you probably have not got a touchtone phone or it needs to be set into 'tone' mode.

In some cases the phone will not send tones until either the star * key or a key marked POT, MF or TONE has been pressed. This 'tone' key should only be pressed after normal dialling has been completed, such as when ringing is heard.

If you do not have access to such a phone or have any queries then call our customer service line during normal office hours on 0370 321 1000 and we can advise you or make the changes for you.