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Flextel lets you block nuisance calls in a number of ways. The most powerful method for specific callers is to use the Call Blocker feature.

The Call Blocker service gives you free unlimited blocking of nuisance and sales calls. As well as costing you nothing, there are no restrictions on how many numbers you can block.

You can even choose between blocking specific numbers and blocking a whole number range, such as all 0845 or 090 numbers, giving you the freedom to answer genuine calls without worrying about repeat cold-callers again.

Just logon to your account, and click Call Blocker. Now type in the number you want to block and add a label to remind you about the caller. Then press the BLOCK button. You can also apply blocking to just one number or for 'All Numbers' contained in your account. Next time blocked callers dial they hear a message informing them that you are not available.

Alternatively, if you enable the "mid-call blocking" feature on this page, then you can just dial star hash during any call to block it instantly. The mid-call blocker is not only quick, it also lets you block callers who withhold their number!

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Auto-Attendant is a really effective way of deterring unwanted sales calls. It stops all the Automatic diallers and Robot sales calls; because they can't press the menu options, and they will automatically drop the call before being connected through to you.

Unlike the Call Blocker service, this method will stop callers who suppress their Caller-ID number or who are calling for the first time.

Your recorded message, announcing who you are, will also alert any callers if they have the wrong number or have mis-dialled and will reduce the number of cold calls you receive.


0871 numbers are the ideal tool to grow your Flextel Rewards and get the upper hand on unwanted calls. Because the all of your callers should be calling from businesses, there's no need to inform them of the call costs - this is only a legal requirement when an 0871 number is dialled by consumers, not businesses.

However, no-one wants to be on the phone constantly when they could be doing other things. One solution is to use our switchboard system, where an automated system greets cold callers on your behalf. It then waits for your extension number to be dialled, before ringing your phone, letting your FlexPoints grow while you sleep.


There can be network issues, which mis-route calls.

A recent example:
Callers in the Norwich area dialling 0800 numbers were being mis-routed to an 0870 number causing an extreme nuisance to the number owner and much annoyance and frustration for callers. Callers couldn't understand why they couldn't get to the right company. The 0870 number owner was infuriated trying to repeatedly explain that they hadn't mis-dialled but there was a problem in their area, which was causing these nuisance calls.


  1. Auto-Attendant was activated on the 0870 number.
  2. The Auto-Attendant recorded message advised callers to 0800 numbers, from the Norwich area, to press Option 1.
  3. A dedicated Voicemail number was set-up on Option 1. This gave a recorded message for Norwich callers.

This solution was extremely effective and the nuisance calls were almost completely stopped