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Flextel now lets you block unlimited nuisance calls for free, with our newly released call blocking service.

This means that as well as costing nothing, there’s no restrictions on how many numbers you want to block. You can even choose between blocking specific numbers and blocking a whole number range, such as all 0845 or 090 numbers, giving you the freedom to answer genuine calls without worrying about cold callers again.

With this feature you can also enable the mid-call blocker service on your Flextel account which enables you to block any number instantly by simply pressing * followed by # during the call. Using the mid-call blocker service also enables you to block callers with withheld numbers or no caller ID, thus preventing any cold callers with no CLI from contacting you again.

Ofcom has recently made a study that compares the cost of Incoming Call Blocking services..

Image courtesy of Ofcom Information released on 10th December 2013. BT’s prices will be charged from 4th January 2014.

As you see, all of the above companies charge for the privilege of blocking unwanted calls or don't offer this service. Some of these restrict the number of callers you can block. With Flextel you get unlimited call blocking, without paying a penny.

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Never run out of Flexcredits again! Now you can save yourself the hassle of topping up your Flexcredits by opting to do it automatically using PayPal.

Whether you are away for business or on holiday, selecting Auto-Topup on the Topup page will ensure that your Flexcredits will be automatically topped up with the amount of your choice whenever they fall beneath a certain value.


In response to your feedback, we’ve now improved our call statistics so that you can see this information updated every 10 minutes instead of once a day, helping you see quickly how many missed calls you’ve had.

You can also see the call length, talk time, how long your caller had to wait before they were answered, and how often individual customers call.

We hope that these requested improvements will also help you improve your customer service for your business.


Flextel are now providing you with a faster and more robust service after upgrading our old servers with brand new ones.

You won’t have noticed it, but we have a 500% faster processing speed with improved software to ensure that you receive an even better service than before.


For all your communications that demand better performance than standard internet-based telephony, our new data dedicated circuits guarantees to deliver a low latency, low jitter service that will consistently out-perform VoIP daily.

These circuits also improve the performance of widely-used legacy technology, such as fax machines, data modems and other phase-sensitive communication systems.


You’ll never need to worry about losing important numbers again, thanks to our new feature that lets you renew your Flextel numbers automatically for just 1p a month. That’s only 12p a year per number!

Simply select the auto-renew box on the renewals page of your account to guarantee your favourite numbers stay yours - for life.


We’ve further improved our customer support by installing our refined Auto Attendant feature on our phone lines, meaning we can now help you more efficiently than ever. When calling us, you will be offered just two options, ensuring that you easily get to the support you need: press 1 to talk to a member of our customer service team or press 2 to leave a message.

If you leave a message, we will get back to you without delay and don’t worry, you’ll still be talking to a real person and not a machine!