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We can help anyone who doesn't want to give out their personal phone number, but still needs to be contacted at home or on their mobile on certain occasions.


You can still take important calls, without having to reveal your personal phone numbers. You can always dispose of any unwanted numbers and get another for free.


An important call is due from an overseas customer, but they do not start work until after your office hours finish.
By using a Flextel Number as your work contact number, the call can be received at home but will not reveal the underlying landline/mobile number.
This means that there is no risk of out-of-hours calls becoming frequent interruptions in the future, as the number can be diverted to your office line or voicemail service at night.

There are many more applications, such as charity work involving vulnerable people and child protection. Some people even use them for web and phone based dating services, this helps them protect their long-term privacy if things don't work out.

Privacy & Personal Security

Although 070 Numbers have always had an important role in protection of mobile numbers and home location, 08xx numbers, once primarily for business use, are now increasingly being used by consumers to safeguard both their home phone numbers and hence location. This can help reduce the risk of identity theft and unsolicited home phone calls.


A Flextel Number is a phone number that can be routed when you want and where you want. For some numbers, you can do this completely free of charge. When you no longer need it, just discard it and get a new low cost number.