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We provide you with a Virtual SIM (vSIM), giving you all the flexibility you would expect from a Flextel number, with the additional benefit of being able to forward received SMS text messages to your real mobile and a copy to your email.

Copying a received text to an email address, means that an accurate log of messages is kept, even when the target mobile is switched-off, has no power, is out of coverage or has been damaged. This is especially important for mission critical messages.

The email also let you reply with your Virtual SIM number, keeping your real mobile number private. Just click the text reply link.

The routing costs for calls to vSIM mobiles are the same as for our Local 01 and 02 numbers, see our Call Price Calculator. Texts cost 10p each to receive. There is a monthly charge of 1.20 per vSIM .

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Monthly Plans

Number Analysis

This is the full telephone number as dialled from within the UK. The international format is: +44, with plus(+) representing the international prefix. This is typically 00 in Europe e.g. 00 44

See below for any patterns used to value this number

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