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Just get one or more of our Virtual mobile (vSIM) numbers and point it to your mobile. Now you've got all the power of the Flextel service. You can even broadcast text messages to a list of mobiles and email a copy for audit or evidential purposes.

Text Management

A vSIM can be set to forward received SMS text messages to one or more mobiles.

Text Blasting also permits an optional copy to email. This ensures that a permanent and accurate log of all received messages can be kept, even when the target mobile is switched-off, has no power, out of coverage or damaged. This is especially important for mission critical messages.


vSIMs ensure that your privacy is fully protected. Hiding your real mobile number stops your location from being tracked. These days it's rather easy to track mobile phones. Because your vSIM is never connected to a mobile cell site, your location is not revealed.

Another handy feature is that intrusive text messages can be dumped to email and answered later when convenient. To reply just click the text reply link and send your text which will display your vSIM number as the sender. From this it is not feasible to find out your real mobile number or to determine when you read the message


There are numerous applications, below is just a short list. For more ideas see out Solutions Section.

  • 24x7 Call Out:
    • Business support
    • First Responder Emergency Services
    • NHS out of hours
    • Mountain Rescue
    • Fire Services
  • Privacy and Personnel Protection:
    • Celebrities
    • Taxi Firms
    • Sole Traders


The routing costs for calls to vSIM mobiles are the same as for our Local 01 and 02 numbers, see our Call Price Calculator. Texts cost 10p each to receive. There is a monthly charge of 1.50 per vSIM .

For medium and high level call/text users, the best value option is to take out a Monthly Plan.

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Monthly Plans

Number Analysis

This is the full telephone number as dialled from within the UK. The international format is: +44, with plus(+) representing the international prefix. This is typically 00 in Europe e.g. 00 44

See below for any patterns used to value this number

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