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You can boost your FlexPoints by referring businesses, colleagues friends, family members and just about anybody to Flextel.

The person you refer will receive an email announcing the service and once they accept and reply, you will be generating extra FlexPoints. All you need to do is make sure that they log on to the Flextel website, using your own special referral link.

Your referral link is https://www.flextel.com/ followed by your account number, which can be seen at the top right, when you have logged on to myAccount.

 Your home page referral link looks like this:



Alternatively you send you customers directly to the Flextel shop page by using your shop referral link:


So remember Axxxxxx is both your account number and also your referrer number.


There are two main ways to share your link:

  1. Send an email with your special link included with your recommendation.
  3. Put your referral link on your website, your blog or on any forum.

Long Term Rewards

When this link is used to connect numbers, the new Flextel customer is tagged with you as the reseller and you will start earning FlexPoints. It's that easy.

If, at anytime in the future, your customer decides to get more numbers using this new account, you will also start collecting FlexPoints for these as well!


FlexPoints can also be collected you when make a gift of a voucher to your contacts. Once they connect using your voucher, we tag them with your referrer number and you'll start collecting more FlexPoints.