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Flextel Limited is Britain's longest-running virtual number company. It was formed in 1992 by a team of management professionals, some of whom helped found and launch the Vodafone Mobile service.

Flextel was the first company in the UK to provide full online Personal Number selection, connection and control using the Internet. Today you can still control your Intelligent Numbers either using the original, simple, single number control console (myNumber). Alternatively, you can use the more powerful, password protected, myAccount, which offers a powerful multi-number control console known as the Dashboard and which provides control of the more advanced features. In both cases, your privacy is protected by banking level security.

Flextel is a caring company who will campaign for consumers. We are also innovative, ethical and provide a high-quality service which has a strong presence on the international market.

Flextel is UK owned and operated

Flextel is an ethical company and wishes to deliver fair value, not only to its customers, but also to those consumers calling Flextel services. Flextel has an excellent record of working closely with Ofcom to ensure compliance with the latest telecom regulations.

As part of its ongoing commitment to professional standards, Flextel is a member of Ombudsman Services: Communications, an Ombudsman Service for public communication providers and their Customers. We have a published Code of Practice for Complaint Handling, in addition to our Terms and Conditions of Service.