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Even in the internet age, businesses need a phone based presence. It's hard to justify paying for a receptionist or call centre. We show you how to put together an outstanding, low cost and fully automated switchboard solution, giving a profession result that will enhance your business image.

Our Free Switchboard now comes with Call Queuing. With powerful call progress, distribution and management features, it handles excess calls with ease!

Call Queuing Service

Our Switchboard (Auto-Attendant) and Call Queuing features are completely free to use with 03, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 phone numbers. Call Queuing costs just 1p/minute when using 01 or 02 local numbers, but Auto-Attendant is free. 0800 Freephone costs just 3p/minute extra to pay the cost for a Free call to your business. There is no monthly fee or long term contract.

The Queue feature is a dynamic call distribution system that allows your callers to enter a queue, hear where they are in the queue and how long they have to wait to have their calls answered. Your callers are delivered to a set of designated "extensions" using a distribution strategy of your choice...

  • Extensions ring in sequence (Hunt Group),
  • Extensions ring all at the same time (Call Blasting),
  • Extensions ring in rotation (Round Robin) or
  • or use one of the more advanced load distribution strategies.
  • Call Blast Service Call Blast Service  

    Extensions can be traditional landline phone, mobiles or even SIP Phones, using Flextel's low cost, high quality VoIP service. Extensions can be located anywhere in the world. The queue can be controlled by our integrated diary service and calls can be recorded.

    Flextel lets you combine multiple features, such as Auto-Attendant, Hunt Group, Call-Blast or Diary Rerouting.

    It's easy to build flexible tailored solutions, designed to suit your needs.

    If you have any questions why not contact us and we can talk through all your options.

    Every Flextel number comes with a wide range of powerful features, most are free to use. By combining Auto Attendant, Call Queuing, VoIP services, Call Blasting and Voicemail you can create a powerful cloud based Switchboard tailored to suit your business needs. No complex hardware to maintain, no software to update and no more power-outage panics.

    What's more, by choosing the right number, you could decide to operate your switchboard completely free of charge.

    First you need to select the right Flextel number. You must decide who will pay for the calls and switchboard services: You, your callers or somewhere in between.
    • If you want to pay for all calls, then simply choose Freephone 0800 number.
    • If you want you caller to pay, then choose 0844 or 0845 numbers.
    • If you want to earn revenue from the service you provide, then your best choice is 0870 or 0871 numbers.
    • If you want to share the cost then choose a local area 01 or 02 numbers or select an elegant UK-wide Corporate 03 number.
    • If you're a Charity or a Government body (e.g. a local or regional council or agency) you might like to consider a special 030 number (your organisation will need to prove its standing to obtain one).
    Reserve your number(s) by shopping and adding them to your basket. Once you have the right selection, checkout. The price of numbers vary. Many are Free some ranges start at just 1.

    Local Business Image

    To present a local image, shop for 01 and 02 numbers (we have every part of the UK covered).

    National Business Image

    Use 03 for low cost national access for your callers. 0800 for free calls to your Switchboard.

    Want the "London Look"?

    Just shop for our elegant London City numbers.

    Smart Attractive and Cherished Numbers

    Some very attractive numbers can cost up to 1000. The choice is yours. It's all about you and the needs of your business image.

    Free Switchboard?

    To make a Switchboard that is free to operate, that doesn't cost too much to call, we recommend you choose a Free 0845 number. We charge your callers just 7p/minute. Their mobile or phone provider charge them an access fee in addition.

    Find out more here...


    Configuring your number is really easy...

    1. Just set your number to the Auto attendant mode.
    2. Record your extensions selection menu.
    3. Program each extension to point to the right number for each department. These can be a ordinary landline, mobile, SIP phone using our VoIP service.
    4. Decide if you want the caller to be able to leave a message, if no one answers.

    Advanced Ideas

    You can also set each extension to point to other Flextel numbers that can use any of these features. e.g. set one to Auto Attendant to extend the menu to another level!

    To make a better switchboard, make each extension another Flextel Number and set it to Queue Mode each queue can ring several extensions, in sequence or simultaneously using various powerful call strategies.

    So the possibilities are endless only limited by your imagination and ingenuity.

    Unsure? Contact us for advice.

    It's really easy to transfer all your calls seamlessly to Flextel and lose all the maintenance costs and inconvenience of hardware and software updates. With Flextel there is no complex hardware to maintain, no software to update and no more power-outage panics.

    1. Test Phase

    Set up and test your new Hosted Switchboard on new numbers. Ideally use the same number range as you are using for your current system e.g. 01, 02 or 0870 etc. This will make the switch-over phase easier.

    2. Assessment Phase

    Now you can take your time to test and assess all the benefits of the new system e.g. Call recording, Call Statistics, Call Notification. etc. You can familiarise yourself with its benefits and learn how to control this powerful, but simple service, without risk or significant cost.

    3. Switch-over Phase

    If you are completely happy, you simply apply to Flextel to transfer your existing PABX numbers to your new Switchboard. This takes a few days, but occurs at an agreed time, so there is no break in your business services.

    4. Tidy-up Phase

    Now you're free to sell or recycle all your old PABX and wired telephone equipment, saving power and recovering valuable office space. You can then cancel any PABX maintenance and/or rental contracts. Now you enjoy all the business benefits of 21st century worry-free flexible technology. You'll also save money!