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Flextel is introducing price adjustments on 1st January 2023 due to increasing costs.

Although we`re increasing our tariff slightly in some areas, we`re confident that our service still delivers world class value for money, with many powerful call management features still included free of charge.

Setup Fee

The call setup fee will increase to 18p per call. This still compares very favourably with call setup fees charged by other major network providers. For example BT`s is 26.58p per call.

Mobile vSIM

The monthly charge will increase to 1.98 per month and the connection charge to 15.

Other Call Charges and Plans - No Change

Due to the measure taken above, we are pleased to confirm that all Call Plans and UK call costs can remain unchanged. In-Plan calls will now offer even better value, with increased savings, as the 18p setup fee won`t apply.

All other terms and conditions remain unchanged. All quoted prices are inclusive of UK VAT.