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Flextel has made further improvements to its money-saving Call Plans. Save with Monthly Plans

You may already know that all plans now include free call recording and VoIP termination. Free Call Recording, is particularly useful for conferencing services and call quality assurance purposes on busy switchboards.

Just announced, Plans can now be paid for by calls to your 084, 087 and 070 Numbers. This is called "Offsetting". Just switch on Auto-Convert and save even more money with your plan.

Plan Benefits

    • Reduce your costs by using Rewards to help pay for your Plan
      - Switch-on the Rewards Auto-Convert service
    • Free Call Recording
    • Free VoIP call termination - anywhere, worldwide
    • Your numbers never expire
    • Your Plan covers all the numbers in your account
      - no need to buy a plan for each number, unlike other providers

Checkout the comparison charts to help you easily choose the perfect plan for you.

...Find out more about Monthly Plans

Our Free Switchboard now has Call Queuing. With powerful call progress, distribution and management features, it handles excess calls with ease!
  Call Queuing Service

Call Queuing is completely free to use with 03, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 phone numbers. It costs just 1p/minute when using 01 or 02 local numbers. There is no monthly fee or long term contract.

The Queue feature is a dynamic call distribution system that allows your callers to enter a queue, hear where they are in the queue and how long they have to wait to have their calls answered. Your callers are delivered to a set of designated "extensions" using a distribution strategy of your choice...

  • Extensions ring in sequence (Hunt Group),
  • Extensions ring all at the same time (Call Blasting),
  • Extensions ring in rotation (Round Robin) or
  • or use one of the more advanced load distribution strategies.
  • Call Blast Service Call Blast Service  

    Extensions can be traditional landline phone, mobiles or even SIP Phones, using Flextel's low cost, high quality VoIP service. Extensions can be located anywhere in the world. The queue can be controlled by our integrated diary service and calls can be recorded.

    Flextel lets you combine multiple features, such as Auto-Attendant, Hunt Group, Call-Blast or Diary Rerouting.

    It's easy to build flexible tailored solutions, designed to suit your needs.

    If you have any questions why not contact us and we can talk through all your options.

    ....find out more about Call Queuing

    You can now upload your own studio quality recordings. Conversion of your recordings to the correct audio format is done automatically. After just a few minutes your new announcement will be playing on your Flextel number.

    Simply go to the Number Settings page and select the upload icon

    ...that's it!


    Ideal for use with our free bundled Auto Attendant Switchboard feature, Virtual Conference Rooms and of course for a more professional sounding Voicemail Answering service.

    Find out more at our FAQ on Announcements...

    Monthly Plans are ideal for those wanting to keep in full control of their telecoms spend. Now there are even more reasons to use one.

    Our Monthly Plans are now even better!

    Image Monthly Plan
  • Mobile Plans now include selected international destinations!
        ...including most of the EU, the USA & Canada, India, Japan even Australia!
  • All plans include Free VoIP call termination!
        ... anywhere world-wide
  • Free Call Recording!
        ...record all your calls to ensure you can make accurate notes
  • Our Plans apply to every number in your account!
        ...most providers make you buy a plan for each line or mobile
  • All our existing Plan users have been upgraded automatically!
        ...in line with Flextel's fair play approach
  • Monthly Plans start from just 5

    Saving up to 4p per minute on calls and 1p per recording .

    You can move to a Plan immediately. Just login, add to basket and checkout. ...Compare our plans.

    Find out more about Monthly Plans...

    To celebrate Flextel entering its 24th year, we're giving everyone a chance to get their favourite numbers for just half price. Image showing mobile with rewards as money and coins

    Just select your numbers from the shop then go to your basket and enter the special 50% off discount code:

    The promotion lasts from January until the end of February and you can the discount code as many times as you like. So you've plenty of time to choose the best number for your family, friends or business.

    We've a massive stock of Local numbers from every area in the country, including London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, plus all the other UK cities, towns and villages. We also have a good selection of Freephone 0800 numbers, along with the usual 03, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 Business number ranges. So, with our original 070 Personal numbers and our newest 0300 Charity numbers, you've lots of choice from millions of Flextel numbers.

    Free numbers? Hurry! Once they're gone they're gone!

    We have also added a small selection of free numbers. These can be connected and used completely free of charge.

    Want to earn more Rewards?

    Just logon to your account , view myRewards and use your Reward Points to create Number Purchase Vouchers.

    Share your unique voucher code with friends and if used you'll earn rewards on all purchases that your friends make. You will also earn rewards on many of their calls.

    ...find out more about rewards