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We've been listening carefully to our users and and our design team have just released a number of small, but powerful enhancements to our Switchboard (Auto-Attendant) feature.

Normally, when a caller does not press any key, your greeting is repeated up to 3 times before connecting to a selected extension or simply hanging up. Now you can adjust this timer from 1 to 5 repeats.

So you can decide to send unresponsive callers to one of your extensions (e.g. a receptionist) after only 1 repeat or voicemail. We have also allowed you to instruct calls to be immediately transferred to one of your extensions without having to wait for user input, thus speeding up connection.

This now makes Flextel's Free Switchboard one of the most powerful on the market.

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To celebrate 25 years of quality service we're giving away ALL our numbers at half price!

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Flextel traditionally emails your recordings, voicemails etc. as a .wav format attachment. However not all systems can easily play this file format.

To help make it easier to listen to your voicemails and recordings, now you can choose to have these files sent in mp3 format, which is widely used to play music and radio programmes and is supported by a large number of Apps and players.

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To help you recover your favourite numbers, you can now reconnect expired numbers, free of charge. Just go to the renewal page on your account and scroll to the bottom of the page, to see a list of numbers that have been disconnected. (Typically due to no calls for over 12 months).

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Post paid customers can now enjoy the convenience of sending SMS text messages from Flextel. Messages can also be logged to your registered email.

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We normally send you a full invoice with a detailed breakdown at the time of purchase of our services to your registered email address.  

However, in some circumstances it may not always be possible for the account payer to access the email address. To help with this issue you can now download your detailed invoices directly from your Account.

Just go to the myBill page and download your invoice in adobe acrobat pdf format. For post paid accounts, you can also download the detailed cost breakdown in csv format.