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Ideal for Sales and Marketing, Dialled Number Display (DND) replaces the caller's number, displayed on your phone or mobile, with your Flextel Number.

This feature is an ideal solution for small or start-up businesses wishing to publish different Flextel Numbers, for different departments, but having only one person to answer the call.

With DND set in your account, your mobile's or phone's caller display will show the dialled Flextel Number and not the usual display of callers number (Calling Line Identity - CLI).

This means you now have the power answer the call in the different ways e.g. for family, friends, colleagues, customers, adverts, department (such as accounts, sales or technical support) etc.


Logon to your Account, using your Account Number or any Flextel Number and your alphanumeric password.

Simply click the DND icon in your account for the Flextel number of your choice. The icon will change to confirming DND is activated.

Identifying calls to company departments:

Use one number for each department. i.e. one for Sales, one of Support, one for Accounts and one for Out of Hours calls. Now you can answer the call in the correct manner.

Identifying the priority of calls:

Two numbers given to family and friends...

  • One for 'regular' calls. Will not be answered if otherwise engaged, at work, etc.
  • One for 'emergency' calls. Must be answered, immediately.


Same advert in several publications...

  • You can use a different Flextel Number in each advert.
  • You can now see where the caller saw the advert.
  • You can also VIEW CALLS to get a more detailed analysis.

Giving a caller their own Flextel Number:

A regular caller may have different CLIs (Caller Line Identification), no CLI or switchboard CLI. An international caller may not be able to pass on their CLI.


Premium Widgets offer an extremely diverse selection of products and services, but only have one phone line. It is important for them to be able to answer the phone in a manner which tells their callers which department they have reached: Video Widgets (03703210001), Widget Travel (03703210002) or Widget Shipping (03703210003).

For their 'Switchboard', they chose a DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) phone that features an integral address book, 20 selectable ringtones, 9 caller-groups and 3 backlight screen colours.

They requested their service provider to activate Caller Display on their phone line and logged into their Account to activate the Dialled Number Display feature on all their Flextel numbers. They then programmed each number into the address book and labelled it with the respective department. Each department was given a distinctive ringtone, caller-group and screen colour. They set:

  • Video Widget's phone number 03703210001 has 'Ringtone One' and an orange backlight colour.
  • Widget Travel's phone number 03703210002 has 'Ringtone Two' and a green backlight colour.
  • Widget Shipping's phone number 03703210003 has 'Ringtone Three' and a blue backlight colour.

Now, when a call comes in, the phone rings uniquely to indicate which department is being called. The display name and colour supports this, acting as a prompt for the correct announcement. The company receptionist now knows how to answer each call correctly. Caller dials:

  • 03703210001 - "Welcome to Video Widgets, how can I help you? ".
  • 03703210002 - "Thank you for calling Widget Travel..."
  • 03703210003 - "Widget Shipping... ".

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