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Due to Ofcom Price Controls from 1st October 2019 call forwarding will be chargeable using 070 numbers. These numbers are therefore no longer available in our shop.

For free call forwarding we recommend using 0845 numbers instead.

For a full mobile call and text forwarding experience, try our virtual SIM mobile numbers. They also support Text Blasting.

070 Personal Numbers can only be used within the Ofcom's Personal Numbering acceptable use policy. You must also comply with Phone-paid Services Authority regulations. You are responsible for ensuring you do this. Your number may be disconnected without notice, if you appear not to comply or if we suspect fraud or deception.

To check the routing costs to a specific number, see our Call Price Calculator.

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Number Analysis

This is the full telephone number as dialled from within the UK. The international format is: +44, with plus(+) representing the international prefix. This is typically 00 in Europe e.g. 00 44

See below for any patterns used to value this number

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