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Flextel Number Presentation (FNP) is a feature that allows you to present your Flextel number, as your outgoing Calling Line Identity (CLI).

FNP allows you to make outgoing calls that display your Flextel Number on the call recipient's phone in place of your normal landline or mobile number. This helps them call you back on your Flextel number and also prevents your underlying home or mobile number from being revealed.

FNP protects your privacy by an advanced level firewall. This ensures that your landline or mobile number will never be seen by the person receiving the call (or by their telephone company).

Only you alone can utilise this feature by using your PIN to route your number to any phone you are calling from, and only that phone in use can present your number.

Although FNP an extremely advanced and pioneering feature of Flexible numbering services, it also complies with Ofcom Guidelines for the provision of Calling Line Identification Facilities.


Greater control

Leaving your Flextel Number on your contact's phone or mobile will make sure that calls will not be rejected by BT's Anonymous Call Reject service (or similar).
Contacts can also call back with ease by using the Missed Call redial service as usual, such as BT's 1471 feature.

Presenting your Flextel Number will also avoid losing phone calls when changing location. FNP is incredibly easy in this respect as you can show the same number from any telephone operating service, and from any phone.

Enhanced Privacy

FNP masks your underlying phone or mobile number, so that it can never be traced by call recipients or their telephone companies.
This is particularly important if you are working remotely, since normally calling customers from your nearest phone means that your private number is no longer private. With a Flextel Number and FNP, calling customers is greatly simplified and there are no worries about the protection of your private number.

FNP also gives reassurance that unscrupulous telcos which reveal ex-directory withheld numbers (in breach of Ofcom Guidelines for the provision of Calling Line Identification Facilities) can be avoided.

All Flextel Numbers have FNP included - there's nothing to do!
For more information, see the How to Use section.

To present your Flextel Number

  1. Decide which Flextel Number you wish to present.
  2. Ensure that this number points to your phone or mobile.
  3. Dial this Flextel Number from the same phone or mobile that it is pointing to.
  4. You will hear the greeting "By calling your Flextel Number, you now have the option... "
  5. Now simply dial the phone number you wish to call and wait for connection (end with hash (#) to speed connection).
  6. Flextel vSIM numbers also allow presentation by text, when a similar routing exits.
  7. Text your chosen Flextel number, but prefix the required message with the destination mobile followed by #.


Check the routing of any of your numbers

Dial your own Flextel Number. If you hear "Flextel Number Presentation..." answering your call, this verifies that your Flextel number is pointing to the phone you are calling from.

Speed-dial your most frequently called numbers

Instead of dialling the full number, just dial 1# to 8# to use any of your memories.

How to call a mobile, using your 08 number

Usually, 08 numbers cannot call a mobile, but if an 070 number is routed to that 08 number, this limitation can be bypassed:
  1. Ensure your 08 number points to the phone you are going to call from.
  2. Route any 070 number to your 08 number.
  3. Dial your 070 number from the phone.
  4. Now just dial the mobile you wish to call.
  5. The person you're calling will always receive the 08 number, and can handle your call with ease.

These follow the same rules as when routing Flextel Numbers to a phone:

Using FlexCredit, you can call most destinations worldwide. If you do not wish to use FlexCredit:
  • Users of Flextel Business (08) numbers can call the most UK destinations including mobile. (but for a loophole, see Top Tips).
  • Users of Flextel Personal (070) numbers can call either UK landline or mobile numbers.


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