Vouchers have no cash value and cannot be used to top up your FlexCredits.

You can convert a specified amount of your FlexPoints into FlexCredits by logging into your account and going to your myRewards page. Within that page you have the option to convert a specified number of your FlexPoints to FlexCredits.


You can set your account to automatically convert any FlexPoints you earn into FlexCredits on each and every call.

        You do this by logging into your account and then
        ...view the myRewards screen.
        ...Then just click on the 'Auto-Convert' checkbox.

Using 070, 0871 and 0844 Flextel numbers can help pay for your other calls. This is called Offsetting (similar to the way an offset mortgage works).

....see our Offsetting guide

Flextel will email you each time your FlexCredits drop to the following levels:
    • £1000,
    • £500,
    • £200,
    • £100,
    • £50,
    • £20,
    • £10,
    • £5,
    • £2,
    • £1
    • and when they reach zero.
Please note if you run out of FlexCredit and your call is routed to a chargeable destination, then, except for 0800 numbers, your calls will be sent to voicemail and you will receive an email with any voice message. To avoid running out of credit you can activate Auto-Topup.
To Topup your FlexCredits (or Flextel Prepaid Credit):
    • Logon to your Account. You can see the status of your Credit at the top of the page.
    • Click the 'Credit' link.
    • Choose the amount you want to Topup in the drop down menu.
    • Press the 'Buy Now' button and follow the onscreen instructions.
Flextel Prepaid Credit (or FlexCredit) works like pre-pay credit on your mobile phone. When you divert to a destination that is not free to call (you can check this on our Call Price Calculator), or receive calls from outside the UK when also routed to a destination outside the UK, you will be charged to receive the call.

If there's no credit in the account, you won't lose those important calls, since your calls will be automatically sent to your Flextel voice-mail. To avoid running out of credit just activate the Auto-Topup feature.

Safeguards - Protecting your Investment

If you are using destinations requiring FlexCredits you will be notified by email as your credit gets low. We also notify you if you run out of FlexCredits.

Unlike many other providers, with the exception of 0800 numbers, we do not bar your call if you have no credit. Instead, as a safeguard, we connect your caller to your voicemail and deliver any recorded message to you free of charge via your registered email address as an attachment. You can listen to this for free on you PC, Mac or smartphone.

This powerful safeguard is unique to Flextel and protects your investment in marketing your business and corporate numbers.

With the exception of 0800 numbers, any calls that need FlexCredits will be connected to your voicemail. Numbers in your account that do not use FlexCredits will continue to work as normal.

Auto-Topup - never run out of credit

To avoid runing out of credit you can activate the Auto-Topup feature.

This is a clever technique where you can use calls made to your 070, 0844 and 0871 Flextel numbers to earn you FlexPoints. You can use these points to cover the cost of running an 01, 02 or 03 Flextel numbers. You can even use the points to pay to make calls using our powerful Flextel callback service.

For example, you could give out an 0871 business number as your Technical Support number, and the points earned on this number could help to fund calls to a Freephone sales line.

For more information please see our offsetting guide.