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If you run out of your included call minutes your calls will be charged FlexCredits

Please note if you run out of FlexCredit your chargeable calls will be automatically barred and therefore will start to fail. However, your 084 and 087 numbers normally don't need FlexCredits when routed to the UK and many international destinations, so these calls will continue to be connected normally. You can help avoid this problem by using your Rewards to help pay for your recordings by activating Auto-convert. To safeguard your calls just activate FlexCredit Auto-Topup.


All Flextel numbers, except for 0800 Freephone numbers, are currently applicable for Monthly Plans. In general, we do not recommend having a Monthly Plan for 070 or 0871 numbers as most destinations are free of charge on those ranges. The same applies for 0844 numbers, unless you are receiving international calls through them.