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You will be warned by email if your Plan is getting low or runs out completely. This saves you having to logon to your account and check your Plan. In case your Plan run out you can easily buy or upgrade your Monthly Plan here.

However, if your Plan is exhausted, then until you renew it, you will be charged as if you had no Plan e.g. call recording, voicemail, number renewal and call-setup fees will apply.

Please note if you are a pre-paid customer and run out of FlexCredit all chargeable calls will be automatically barred and therefore your calls may fail.


Non-chargeable calls, for example using 084 and 087 numbers to UK destinations, will continue to be connected as normal.

Need more FlexCredits? Find out how to convert your Rewards to FlexCredit by activating Auto-convert.

All Flextel numbers are currently applicable for Monthly Plans.

A Monthly Plan is probably unnecessary for 084 and 087 numbers, as many destinations are free of charge on these ranges.