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A number of factors are involved, there is a very wide range in the calling tariffs available, price packages and many different bundles, therefore we cannot provide a concise answer. Why not take a look at our call costs page and use our Call Price Calculator.


Commission is a method of earning Vouchers, FlexCredits or even cash, for calls on some number ranges. Flextel has replaced it's old commision scheme with a new rewards scheme that let's you collect FlexPoints. The new scheme is a much more flexible and has been improved to allow users to obtain commission more easily.

There are on-going subscription fees for using our service. Flextel retains a percentage of the call charge and uses this to extend the call to valid destinations. If you wish to extend calls to other destinations you can choose to pay to receive the call by using our pre-pay FlexCredits top up facility.

Some numbers attract a one-time purchase fee, depending on their category e.g. Economy, Silver, Gold or Diamond. Please see our Flextel Price List for more information.

087x and 084x numbers have free diversion and can be operated without call charges, depending on the destination.

Other number ranges can also be diverted to additional chargeable destinations.


For a quick comparison, go straight to our Shop section. Otherwise, read below...

Deciding on the correct number for you, is one of the hardest decisions to make. In order to help you make this decision you may want to consider looking on our Shop page.

The decision really comes down to what the number will be used for. For example, you may want to setup a business in a local area or appear to have a business with a local number, then you should look at a geographical, we have 01/02 and 0207 numbers available or you may want to present a more corporate image, therefore multiple geographic numbers and a range in 0845 and 0800 would be more relevant.

01/02 Local.

    Local presence.
    Best international rates.
    Cheapest for callers.
    Included in both landline and mobile calling plans.

0207 London Centric.

    Central London presence.
    Highly sought after numbers.
    Limited availability.
    Best international rates.
    Cheapest for callers.
    Included in both landline and mobile calling plans.

03 UK-Wide

    UK wide corporate presence.
    Ideal replacement for 08 numbers.
    Appears to be the next step in geographical 01/02, in peoples mind.
    Cheapest for callers.
    Included in both landline and mobile calling plans.

070 Personal.

    Ofcom enforced price change 1st October 2019
    Replaced by our 07 Mobile Virtual SIMs
    For free Call Forwarding use 087 numbers

0800 Freephone.

    National business presence.
    Free call rates from UK landlines for your customers.
    Best choice for advertising.

0844 Business

    UK wide business presence.
    Lower cost for callers.

0845 International

    Well known and widely available from overseas.
    International business presence.
    Cheaper to call than 0844 and 0871
    Included in some mobile and landline price plans.

0870 Marketing.

    Best choice for advertising.
    International business presence.
    Low cost call from landlines
    Included in some price plans.


    Best choice for foreign advertising.
    International business presence.
    Low cost calling from mobile.

FlexPoints Reward Scheme.

When you join Flextel you will automatically be enrolled into our FlexPoints reward scheme. The new rewards programme allows you to collect points when you receive calls on your phone numbers, these FlexPoints can then be converted in to Vouchers, FlexCredits or you can even convert them into cash, subject to terms and conditions. Read about the FlexPoints reward scheme.


Ofcom is the Government agency setup to police the telecommunications and the media industries within the UK. You can find more information about the policies associated with personal numbers, such as 070, 030 and 0800, on Ofcom's website Ofcom's Personal Numbering acceptable use policy.