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It's really simple to move your home or business numbers to Flextel.

Just complete the Import Request Form, listing the number(s) you want to import to Flextel.

Please remember to logon to your Account, before sending the form, as this means you have digitally signed it. We cannot process your request without a valid logon.

If you don't have an Account, then create one, by connecting a free number and verifying your email by clicking that link we email to you.

We will then send you an email with instructions on what to do next and also asks you to email us confirmation of your ownership of the numbers you want to move to us.

Once we receive the required documents, we will proceed with your request.

We use industry agreed processes to make it happen for you, all without any break in service so your calls are not affected. Normally, it should take just a few days after which, your numbers will become fully flexible and you can use all the features on our service.


If you're not ready to commit to moving your valuable main business numbers to Flextel, it's no problem, we have devised a quick and easy middle way...

Instead of moving your numbers to Flextel, this service simply lets you make calls from your home, mobile, hotel or any offsite location whilst displaying your Main Business numbers e.g. the Sales Department Number, your Customer support number, your Technical Support etc. You can do this from any mobile or phone that you have to hand, from anywhere worldwide.

Flextel has devised a free, solid and quick process, that fully complies with the UK guidelines as published and regulated by Ofcom.

Our simple process allows you to authenticate ownership of your numbers that you want to display and prove they are valid dialable numbers. It takes only minutes and once done your number is auto-magically added to your Flextel account for outgoing calls only. This is a low risk, cost effective and simple option, as it has no impact on your incoming call handling, but immediately empowers you to make calls showing your valuable Business numbers from anywhere in the world.

Once setup, you can use our Callback App from your mobile or the Callback feature from your laptop to make calls in a professional and reliable manner. Unlike VoIP calls, there is no need for complex setup or for high speed internet connection, as the calls are made via the mobile of fixed network at Flextel's competitive rates.

So no need to pay 55 pence per minute or more to call 0845 numbers nor to pay £1 per minute or more to call Ireland or France! This breakthrough technology developed by Flextel, puts you back in control of both costs and how your business presents itself in a consistent and professional manner.

How do I get started?

To display your numbers without risk and at no cost, just fill out the Add my CallerID form and follow the simple instructions.

Too good to be true?

No, we just make a small margin on any calls you make using our service. At the same time we just helped you side-step the big telecom companies expensive and complicated tariffs and their traditional number presentation restrictions and delivered modern reliable Flexible Telecoms to you. Yes, that's why we're called Flex-Tel.
If you want to move any of your Flextel numbers to another provider, it's a fairly easy process.

Just fill out the Porting Authorisation Form and press Authorise Port.

Our team are always ready to listen and very keen to learn how we can improved our service, so it would help us if you tell us why you want to leave Flextel. It may be you just want to put all your numbers with one provider but, you may feel our service doesn't offer just what you want.

Either way, we will always help you move your numbers but, by telling us why Flextel doesn't suit you, you may just find that we can show you how to get more out of our service and make best use of all our Features, some of which can be quite complicated.

If you still want to go ahead and export your numbers from Flextel, then just contact your chosen communications provider who will then contact us, via our industry approved porting channel.

We will respond to your chosen provider's order submitted to us by the industry agreed processes to make it happen for you without any break in service. However, please remember that none of the Flextel features will work once you have exported your numbers to another provider.