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  • Give each person or PC an 'Individual' target number routed to it's individual SIP address.
  • Choose another Flextel number to act as a 'Pilot'.
  • Now, route each of the Flextel numbers you want to call the group to the 'Pilot' number and set the destination of the pilot number to Hunt Group or Call Blast
  • Now set the Extensions to the 'Individual' target numbers.
    You need to prefix the number you wish to dial with 141, the same as you would with a normal BT phone line.
    Click here, for a full guide on how to set up your Flextel numbers for VoIP.
    In your client VoIP software e.g. Zoiper etc. Reduce the registration period from one hour to about 5 mins (300 seconds). In X-lite this is under Account Settings/Advanced

    Please be aware that reducing the time may reduce your battery life.

    This could be because your microphone and speakers aren't configured correctly, most softphones normally have a test feature so you can check they are working correctly.

    Calls connecting but voice not being audible, could also be caused by a router misconfiguration, particularly if you are running on a LAN with Network Address Translation (NAT). Please refer to the router manufacturer for further guidance.
    NAT issues can sometimes be resolved by configuring your softphone to use a STUN server, click here for a list of publicly available ones.

    Some softphones give the option for the Transport Protocol to use, Auto should work, but if not, you may have more success if it is manually set to UDP.
    This is most likely because you haven't got Flexcredits on your account or a Monthly Plan enabled. SIP calls are chargeable, so you need some method of funding them.

    Also, if you try to make calls with your display name set to a number or name that isn't one of the Flextel numbers in your account, then the call will be rejected.

    The final reason calls may not work is if your softphone is configured with an unsupported codec. You need to ensure that the softphone uses GSM, G711 (aLaw or uLaw).
    SIP can sometimes be complex to set up, as there is such a large variety of computer platforms, operating systems, softphones and routers available.

    However, the following are the areas we would recommend looking to try and resolve the problem:-
  • The user name ( which may also be referred to as user id or authorisation name etc ) should be set to your Flextel number.
  • The password should be set to the one provided in the VoIP settings section of your Number Settings.
  • The domain should be set to sip.flextel.net.
  • Check that there aren't any Firewall rules blocking SIP calls. Refer to your router manufacturer for specific instructions.