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Yes. You can upload your studio quality files with our file upload facility or record your own message on our Recording line 0370 3210 001. You will be asked to logon by entering your Flextel number and it's PIN (not the Password), then follow the instructions.

The length of time for your greeting is limited to 5 minutes

Make sure you save your recording before you finish!

Full details of how it can be used are given in the User Guide.


Yes. Each of your Flextel numbers can have a different email address to which the voicemail message is sent.

Full details how to set it are given in the User Guide section: How to Personalise the Voicemail-Email Address


Call the Recording Line, enter your Flextel number and PIN when asked then choose "Select the Standard Greeting" option.

Full details how to access the Recording Line are given in the FAQ: Can I record a Voicemail greeting

Some of the latest browsers don't support the standard telecoms industry WAV file, so you have the option to receive your recordings in mp3 (MPEG) file format, by clicking the mp3 tick box in your Number Settings.

If you do need to receive your recordings in WAV format, but you don't have a WAV player, then you may find the following helpful:

Google Chrome:

    Click the following link: WAV Player for GMail (If you haven't got Quicktime installed you will be offered it)
    Click on the blue button in the top right corner 'Free'
    You will now be asked to confirm the new extension, click the Add button.
    You will now have added this extension and you will need to restart your browser.

Android Mobile Phones:

    Download and install the Remote Wave Free application on your phone.
There is a limit of 15 minutes for the length of each voicemail message left by your callers. This means that the size of the message attached to your email as an audio file is small and so should not be blocked by your email provider.
Check your spam box. If you are having trouble with spam, you can always add the sender's email address into your contacts. This is your number followed by @flextel.net e.g. 03703210100@flextel.net