You can have a free Residential or Business entry into the BT Phone-book by completing our directory listing form.

For businesses this also means you will be given the opportunity to advertise your number, free of charge, with Yellow Pages and Thomson Local Directories.
If you would like an entry in the BT Phonebook and many other commercial directories e.g. to advertise your business, simply fill in the form in your account and your phonebook entry will be active within a few days. This powerful service is completely free of charge.


Using a Flextel Number means you don't have to publicise your private, ex-directory phone number and so avoid revealing your home location.

In fact your Flextel Number is completely unlisted, unlike many ordinary BT numbers. This "unlisted status" delivers stronger protection than ex-directory, since only Flextel holds your details and we never publish your details without your permission.

For more information about privacy see... Privacy Policy