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I am delighted by the tremendous response to the November email.

A few people are unable to read formatted text so I will use plain text from now on, click this link if you want to read the last email.

I have read all the comments and passed any suggestions for improvements to our design team...

Replies were mostly positive but two areas have been causing problems: -

1 Simpler Connection
A major criticism was the effort required to activate a new number. As a result, the 'Get Connected' process has been improved. Now, when you order a new number, we will immediately send you a link in the Activation email. Click on this link and the number will be activated. Much quicker and easier!

2 Simpler Number Selection
Although the search facility has been well received, some have found it confusing. So we changed it. Now, a Simplified search screen is shown with a button linking to the original, advanced search page.

The other suggestions for new features or services are still being worked on and we will keep you informed of future developments.

We are always pleased to receive feedback, good or bad, so keep the comments coming to ask@flextel.com

Finally, I would like to wish you the Season's Greetings and a prosperous New Year.

Kevin Archer
Marketing Manager
Direct: +44 870 321 0700
Main:+44 870 321 0100


I'm sure you're very busy but don't worry! We won't be sending you a constant barrage of mail, only new products, service enhancements or additional facilities will be advised.

What's New - at a glance

  • Number Choice - New ranges released offering even greater choice. Get your Choice Number on-line, from our massive stock of over 100,000 numbers.
  • AlphaDial Search - Newly enhanced powerful search tool, you choose the best number for you e.g.0870 765 4PIZZA Fast new website - for really quick access and redirection even from your mobile. We have also made some big changes to the re-route screen.
  • Named Location Memories - See at a glance where your calls are directed (e.g. Home, Office, Mobile, Voicemail).
  • Pin Number Change - For extra convenience you can now change your PIN on the web.
  • Business Links - An extremely useful page for easy access to business and information sources.
  • News page has been updated - for links to the latest info on number changes
  • WAP - Anybody need it?

 What's New - in detail

  • Number Choice - The additional 070 Personal and 0870 National ranges, just released, open the largest online selection, giving free choice of numbers, in the industry. Flextel is the only company allowing unrestricted multichoice of numbers. You can find some really attractive numbers in these series. Any offers for 0870 7654321?
  • AlphaDial Search - This powerful marketing tool will help you find the number to match your business name or service, 0370 321 4GAS. You could also treat yourself and choose one that spells your name.
  • Fast new website - We have introduced a new fast site to help you divert your calls even quicker than before, the site is designed to be Clean, Crisp and Clear. We've kept graphics to a minimum, so you're not waiting for them to load. We have created this new site to assist people like 'Road Warriors' who need fast access over the Internet on a laptop connected through a mobile phone. For the technically minded we have managed to achieve typical download times of less than 10 seconds on a standard GSM link running at 9.6kbps (i.e. under one fifth of the speed of most modems). The old site is still available from the link on the new Home page, the old site however, will not be updated with the new features.
  • Named Location Memories - A great new feature to help you direct your call to the right number. We've added, in the re-route screen, labels where you can name your target destinations . Now you can instantly see where your calls are currently routed and to where you want them redirected. An additional feature allows you to choose if you wish to receive email confirmation of your re-route and be 100% certain it's correct.
  • Pin Number Change - For your convenience. You can now change your PIN on the web at the re-route screen. Also if your PIN has had 3 failed attempts then, as an added security feature, we advise you by email that the PIN has been blocked (lasts 30 mins for your protection). If you still have problems with your PIN, then just email pin.support@flextel.com.
  • Business links - for quick access to other useful business websites and information sources. There's a whole bundle of links to sites we've found to be useful; we're convinced you will too, why not make this your home page? If anyone has any links they think would be useful please email the web address to ask@flextel.com.
  • News page has been updated - for links to the latest info on number changes. Oct 14 was the cut-off date for old London numbers, you can refer to the Number Checker to see if your contact numbers have changed
  • WAP - We continue to watch the WAP market. As yet we are not convinced that WAP gives the quality of service we wish to offer. So far we think it's too slow, too unreliable and too expensive. If enough of you really want it, then please let us know and we'll deliver it to you.

Inside Flextel

Outwardly, like the swan on the glassy surface of a lake, things might have appeared mirror calm, in-fact the proverbial 'ducks feet' of our programmers have been paddling like mad to bring you ever higher quality and even greater reliability of service. Now we are presenting these enhanced features our 'boffins' have been working on for your benefit - some at your insistence and some we dreamt up ourselves. We are sure you'll like them but if we're wrong let us know at ask@flextel.com. We might not like what you tell us but it's only by receiving your criticism that we can give the service you want.

The first enhancement instantly visible on the website is our new faster site. Faster? I hear you say, yes we have designed a new site even faster than the old one we've become familiar with. The new site will replace the old one, but the old one is still available as an alternative for those who like it so much they can't bear to be parted. The new features will not be available on the old site however.

Due to popular request! the next site enhancement we have introduced is the option to Label your target destinations in the re-route screen. Numbers can be confusing so this allows you to instantly see where your number is directed (e.g. Home, Office, Mobile), without being confused by similar numbers and inadvertently moving them to the wrong place. We know you will find this a brilliant help and one which will greatly reduce the chance of incorrectly diverting to a similar number, leaving a perplexed caller, frustrated. We thought it might be useful to get confirmation of the re-route so, you can now choose to receive an email confirming where your number has been moved to.

The search facility has been much enhanced to help you get the most out of your number and we have greatly improved the AlphaDial capability, it can be a great marketing tool. Many customers take the easy road to suppliers and if the phone number is memorable they won't need to go through their little black book. It's impossible to spell out all the variations available and they so often only mean something to yourselves or your contacts, we've given a couple of examples above so try it for yourself - what's yours called?

Well that's it for now, not too painful was it? But watch this space for future developments......

Don't forget, let us know how you like the service. Complaints are also welcomed! - that's how we improve our service to you.

Kevin Archer
Marketing Manager
Direct: +44 870 321 0700
Main:+44 870 321 0100