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Flextel announce the launch of its Reseller Scheme.

There are no forms to fill-in, no paperwork to sign, no phone calls to make, the system is fully automated via our website... If you have an Account, you already have Reseller Status!

As a Flextel Reseller you gain four key advantages:

  1. You earn generous long term commission on calls to your customers' Flextel Numbers and to any other Flextel Numbers they may add to their account in the future! Once a number is connected the commission revenue stream is locked to you.
  2. Resellers can use commission minutes to obtain cherished numbers without any cash outlay whatsoever and and at a massive 75% cash equivalent discount. You can therefore build cherished number stock without cashflow problems. When you sell the numbers you get the full margin.
  3. Your customers will earn commission on their own calls - a strong selling point. This is all handled by the Flextel website, so no commission management and billing challenges to face.
  4. Commission is updated daily on the website - you can see exactly how much your earning at any time of the day or night.

It costs nothing to try it out. We hope you find it a powerful business asset.

For more information, just logon on using your usual Account details and click the Commission link.

Wishing you all the best for Christmas and a very prosperous New Year, from all at Flextel.

Thank you for your continued support, as always we're grateful for all comments and suggestions.


Kevin Archer kevin.archer@flextel.com
Marketing Manager
Main : +44 870 3210 100

There are now two ways you can now earn commission from Flextel:-

  1. Call Commission
    •  You're now earning income on calls made to your 0870 Flextel Numbers...
      •  Backdated to 1st September, 2002.
      •  Commission updated daily.
      •  No need to register.
    •  ...Just sit back and watch your cash accumulate !
  2. Refer a Friend
    •  Earn additional income by referring friends and colleagues...
      • Earn revenue on calls made to THEIR numbers !
      • Refer them by email.
      • Refer them by web links.
    •  ...Unlimited earning potential !

What to do now?

All income enhancing features are available from your Account so logon and...

  1. Click "Commission".
    • View your current balances.
    • Cash in your money.
  2. Click "Earn Extra Income".
    •  Follow the simple instructions to refer a friend.

We hope that these improvements will encourage you to make even greater use of your Flextel Numbers and spread the word about Flextel !

To find out more click here.

Thank you for your continued support, as always we're grateful for all comments and suggestions at ask@flextel.com.

Kevin Archer kevin.archer@flextel.com
Marketing Manager
Direct: +44 870 321 0100
Main:+44 870 321 0100
  1. Call Statistics - See Total Calls made to each of your Flextel Numbers
    We have introduced this brand new feature so you can see how many calls are made to each of your Flextel Numbers. This will be an invaluable tool for business; it also shows you how many calls are missed, busy or unanswered. Call Statistics can be viewed through your Account.
  2. Connection Charge - Re-introduced.
    Unfortunately, a few individuals have been abusing our unlimited free number policy, stockpiling numbers and not using them, thereby reducing the choice for genuine customers. As a result, we are re-introducing the connection charge. At £10 per number this is dramatically lower than the original of one hundred and twenty pounds and, I'm sure you will agree, still offers phenomenal value. Naturally there is nothing to pay for numbers already connected.
  3. Anniversary - 1992-2002, 10 years of Quality and Reliability
    We are very proud to achieve this significant landmark. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, particularly those who have been with us from the early years. The invaluable feedback we have received from so many of you has allowed us to develop a service of the highest standard and, we believe, second to none for choice, quality and reliability.

You will also notice some minor changes to the layout of some pages of the website. I hope you will agree, these improvements have made navigating the website easier and gives a simpler, clearer layout.

That's all for now...

Kevin Archer kevin.archer@flextel.com
Marketing Manager
Direct: +44 870 321 0100
Main:+44 870 321 0100