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Either, the choice is yours. Have a look at some of the examples covered in the solutions section

If you have a mobile service, this will help you a great deal.
  1. If your mobile voicemail is on a separate number to your mobile number. Obtain this through your service provider, if you are unsure as to how to locate this on the network information settings.
  2. Assign one Flextel Number for priority usage and the other for regular.
  3. Route both numbers to your mobile number.
  4. When you only wish to receive priority calls, route the regular number to the voicemail destination.
  5. You now get call screening and can respond to messages at your leisure!
The Flextel system supports four powerful alternative methods to control your number:

Any Phone or Mobile

Reroute from any touchtone phone using our Dial-In Rerouting system - great for when you're on the move with no internet access.

SMS Text Messaging

Reroute by sending a mobile text message to Flextel's SMS Reroute Gateway. This is quick, simple and works brilliantly in very poor radio coverage. It also is very cost effective when roaming abroad.


Just logon to either the Reroute & Number Control Panel or, for the ultimate in number control, the Account Logon.

Smartphone App

The fastest and most convenient method using our dedicated free App. You can also reroute using your Flextel memories or phone contacts. Find out more...

Flextel's DND feature, when activated, automatically displays your Flextel Number on your caller display instead of your caller's CLI. Full details are given in the User Guide.
You can have a Flextel Number up and running in minutes!

Connecting New Numbers

Once you have reserved a new number, we will email you an activation link to your registered email address. You will need to click this link to connect your number.
Make sure you click on the activation link within 24 hours of receiving it, or you will lose your reservation for that number.

Connecting transferred numbers

If someone else sells or gives you a Flextel Number, you will get an email telling you how to activate your number. Follow the instructions carefully.
With this, you have 5 days to activate your number, otherwise the number automatically returns to the original owner.
You can have a free personal entry into the BT phonebook by completing our directory listing form.:
  • Logon to your Flextel Account and select Phonebook Entries.
  • Select the Flextel Number you want a Directory Entry for from the drop list and complete the relevant online form
  • Press the Submit button.

If you select a "Business" entry then this information can be advertised in a number of business directories, completely free of charge. If you do not complete this form your Flextel Number will automatically be "ex-directory". For more information see our FAQ.

It is easy! Just follow the steps below and you're ready to go!

Step 1: Choose & Reserve a number

Go to our numbers page to find out which type of number is best for you. If you’re not sure, try a low cost number or use a Voucher. Some of these numbers pay for themselves, each time you get a call you can earn a bit of money, which covers their cost.

Step 2: Activate your number

Check your inbox for an email from Flextel once you have reserved your number. Click on the activation link and your number is ready to use.

Step 3: Start receiving calls

Type the number for the phone you want to receive Flextel calls on (e.g. mobile) into the Destination box. Make a 1 minute test call to the Flextel number to ensure that it is set up correctly. You’re ready to go!

Step 4: Tell people about your new number

Your number is as public or as private as you need it to be. You can choose to use it as a business number or as a dedicated family-only number, for instance. We will never publish your details or pass them to any other companies without permission.

To comply with Ofcom rules on number wastage, your Flextel Number must be used at least once per year. You only need to receive and answer one call each year to retain your Flextel Number indefinitely. For details see our terms and conditions.
All Flextel Numbers are not only ex-directory, but in fact are completely unlisted by default. Flextel does not share customer information without the express permission of the customer or as required by the authorities.

To have your Flextel Number listed in the BT and Phonebook and electronic databases, logon to your Account, select Phonebook Entries from the dropdown menu and complete the relevant online form.
Business entries have their numbers listed free of charge in Business Directories such as the BT business A to Z supplemental and Thomson Local directories.
Flextel always passes any caller number through its systems so your caller may have asked their service provider to withhold their number?  If they have, ask them to dial 1470 before the Flextel Number if they want to show their number.

Alternatively, your caller may be calling from a location that does not provide outbound Calling Line Identity (CLI), such as from a switchboard extension or from a low cost call service provider or small telecom operator.

To avoid your number being disconnected, you must either set Auto-Renew active (find it on the Renew page in your account) or receive just one answered call per year to indicate to us that your Flextel Number is still in use. If any of your number(s) show as expired then all you need to do is answer one short call to it.

If you take out any Monthly Plan then auto-renew is included and all your numbers are protected and will not expire.

For more information please see our Terms and Conditions regarding Minimum Use.

A Call Divert service is expensive, as you have to pay for the diverted part of the call. If you diverted your landline to a mobile number, you would then be liable to pay for the diverted element of the incoming call at mobile rates.

A Flextel Number eradicates that cost factor, as you do not pay anything to receive the call at whatever location you choose.
  • What if your mobile gets damaged, stolen or the SIM card fails? Or what if your battery goes flat either at home or in the office? No problem, just reroute your Flextel Number to any landline phone near you, or even a friend's mobile phone. When the phone is fixed, or the battery is recharged, just reroute your Flextel Number back.
  • What if you are in an area of bad network coverage, or you cannot take it to the building you are going to, or your partner/spouse/child took it without reminding you?  Just take your calls on the nearest phone or mobile from another network.
  • If you want to change network, then dump that subscription or old prepay SIM! Then get yourself the latest, best deal on the high street. It can take days and is sometimes impossible to port your mobile number, but with Flextel you can flip your number to your new service in seconds and save money or enjoy better network coverage immediately, without having to tell all your friends and colleagues your new mobile number.

    The above are just a few examples of the problems that can happen if you own a mobile phone. A personal number frees you from being tied to your mobile and lets you grab the best deals as they come along.