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A Flextel Number is a permanent flexible phone number that is not associated with any phone equipment or to any one location. Flextel is independent from every phone/mobile provider (e.g. BT, C&W, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Energis etc), so you are free to change location or phone/mobile provider at anytime - day or night - in seconds. Keeping the same permanent phone number active at all times!

Flexible numbering lets you take complete control of your incoming telephone calls. Just one unchanging number can reach you at any normal telephone wherever you may be in the world. By choosing the right Flextel Number, you can do this without paying any call diversion charges or monthly service fees.

Re-routing your Flextel Number

By using a single Flextel telephone number, you can change the destination of your calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and you can do this from any location. In fact, you can control your Flextel routing from just about any telephone in the world.

Simply call the special rerouting number (0370 321 0000) and enter your Flextel Number and PIN number (using either the phone keypad or a tone dialler) followed by the new destination for your calls. Normally, your calls will start to arrive at the destination you choose about 30 seconds after requesting the change of routing.

Alternatively, you could reroute via:

  1. Our Reroute webpage
  2. A mobile text message to our SMS Reroute Gateway
  3. Using our Smartphone App.

Total accessibility

Just imagine having a single telephone number that directly connects inbound calls to you wherever you are in the UK, whenever you choose.

Flextel eliminates any need to give out private home or unlisted numbers but gives you the power to receive calls on those lines when you want to. By routing Flextel Numbers to your private numbers, it is easy to take calls there. When you no longer wish to be disturbed, simply instruct the completely automatic Flextel system to deliver those calls to your office, secretary, answering machine or other service.

Powerful Features = Greater Flexibility
We offer additional features free of charge, which can be activated from your Account, to give you even greater flexibility.

Instant Routing: You can reroute your Flextel Number online, or through SMS/text, telephone or via our iPhone application. Rerouting takes, on average, no more than thirty seconds to complete.

Voicemail: Any Flextel Number can be set to route incoming calls to its voicemail service with a standard greeting. When set, any voicemail you receive will be recorded and forwarded to your email address. It is possible to record a personalised greeting using our simple telephone interface. Full information can be found in the User Guide.

Faxmail: Any Flextel Number can be set to route incoming calls to its faxmail service. When set, faxes will be received and forwarded to your email address. Full information can be found in the User Guide.

Conference: Any Flextel Number can be set-up as a conference number, saving you time travelling, petrol and other costs. Flextel Conference is professional in presentation and a proven winner, especially with business users or family gatherings. Full information can be found in the User Guide.

Intelligent Call Diversion™ (ICD) - Is an exclusive service available with all Flextel Numbers. ICD allows you to specify a secondary destination number to take your calls if you are busy, can't answer the call, or if the callers telephone number is withheld. ICD can be turned on or off, instantly, through the Account control panel. Full information can be found in the User Guide.

Dialled Number Display™ (DND) - When DND is set, the Calling Line Identity (CLI) for incoming calls will be your Flextel Number. This is an ideal solution for small or start-up businesses wishing to publish different Flextel Numbers for different departments, but having only one person to answer the call. DND can be turned on or off, through the Account control panel. Full details are given in the DND User Guide.

Anonymous Call Filter™(ACF) Flextel's ACF is part of the ICD service. When ACF is set, incoming calls to your number will be routed to the second destination (e.g. voicemail), when no CLI is sent.

Flextel Number Presentation™(FNP) FNP allows you to present your Flextel Number as the outgoing CLI. Full details are given in the User Guide.

Call Logging: Receive email alerts (Cnotes) when your Flextel Number is called. Emails will show the number of the person who called and when the call was made. Full details are given in the User Guide.

Call Statistics: Analyse calls made to your Flextel Numbers with information such as: total calls received, number of answered and unanswered calls, average ring time and average talk time. For more information click here.

Privacy: Using Flextel Numbers means you don't have to release your private, ex-directory phone number and reveal your location.

Directory Listings: Your Flextel Number can have a free entry in the Phonebook.

Privacy and complete control

Only you will be able to change the routing on your Flextel Numbers. Access to the special rerouting line is protected by a security PIN code, chosen by you, of between four and six digits which you treat like a bank card PIN. You will also be the sole person who knows the actual destination of where you are - the only thing your callers will ever need to know, unless you choose otherwise, is the Flextel Number they should dial to contact you.

Check out all the many different features here.

To see how Flextel numbers work, view the... Concept Diagram

How do Flexible Numbers work?

Simplicity at its best

It is surprisingly easy to gain complete control over your future calls:

  1. Select a Flextel Number from the "Shop".
  2. Connect your chosen number by following the online instructions and command your Flextel Number to direct calls to the phone of your choice.
  3. Using the temporary activation PIN and Password emailed to you, logon to your account and choose your own security PIN and Password.
  4. Now, by using Flextel, your callers will be calling you (or your organisation). They won't need to know or think about where you are.

How we achieve this without diversion costs?

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Since 1992, Flextel have consistently used secure and high-speed digital exchanges to translate your Flextel Number to your chosen destination number. This translation occurs instantaneously when making a call and takes place without any recorded diversion announcement. This means that it is impossible for diallers to tell that their call is being diverted. As a result, Flextel saves customers money by not conforming to traditional diversion costs, which are usually processed via your local exchange.

Whenever you want to change location, your security PIN code will allow you to receive calls from any telephone with incoming calls enabled, even a call box in the road!
You can now gain greater control over your calls than ever before by diverting your calls quickly and easily via our website, a simple voice response system, or an SMS text message.

Now try one of our Flexible Numbers.