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Shop Choosing the right Flextel number 0800 Freephone 100%
03 UK-Wide 98%
Which number range should I use? 98%
0870 National 95%
Number Overview 93%
0844 Low cost 93%
0871 International 93%
0845 Business 92%
070 Personal 91%
01 and 02 Local 91%
020 7 London 91%
0300 Charity 90%
Monthly Plans Purchase a Monthly Plan 88%
About What are Flextel numbers? About 62%
Solutions Flexible working Home working 57%
Faq Using Flextel numbers How do I get a UK phone directory listing? 54%
Are Flextel Numbers for business or personal use? 53%
Solutions Flexible working Mobile people and businesses 51%
Organisations and committees 51%
About 49%
About What are Flextel numbers? How is it done 48%
Faq Using Flextel numbers Is my Flextel Number ex-directory? 46%
How do I set up and use a Flextel number? 46%
How do I connect my number? 46%
Features UK Directory Listing About 46%
About What are Flextel numbers? Concept Diagram 45%
Features UK Directory Listing Privacy 45%
How 45%
Faq Using Flextel numbers How can I change where I receive my calls? 45%
Why is it better to use a Flextel number than a mobile phone? 45%
Can a Flextel number screen calls? 45%
How can I tell if a call is being made to my Flextel Number? 44%
How long can I keep my number? 44%
About What are Flextel numbers? Intelligent Call Diversion Concept 44%
Faq Using Flextel numbers Why do I get Caller Withheld when I dial 1471? 44%
Why has my Flextel number expired? 44%
Why is a Flextel Number better than using a call divert service? 44%
Costs Feature Costs Features 36%
News 2012 2012 Issue 2 (April) 0800 Freephone numbers launched 29%
2012 Issue 1 (February) Rare London numbers unveiled 23%
Faq Costs Which number range should I use? 23%
News 2014 2014 Issue 9 (November) New shop and money-saving plans 21%
2014 Issue 10 (December) Free Conferencing with 03 numbers 21%
Costs Flextel Price List Charges for Numbers and Features 16%
Faq Account and Control Panel Can I sell numbers between accounts? 16%
News 2009 Issue3 (July) Ofcom breaks 0870... Flextel fixes it! 15%
2011 2011 Issue 4 (April) Call Recording - 0844 to Mobile Free 15%
Features Flextel Number Presentation What Numbers can I dial using FNP? 14%
Faq Monthly Plans Which Flextel numbers can I use with a Monthly Plan? 14%
News 2010 2010 Issue 2 (February) 0870 numbers back in stock 14%
About Legal Terms 13%
News 2011 2011 Issue 1 (January) Local Numbers Launched! 13%
Faq Account and Control Panel How do I add other Flextel Numbers to my Account? 12%
News 2014 2014 Issue 5 (May) Improved shopping experience 12%
2016 2016 Issue 1 (January) The Big Number Sale 12%
About History About 11%
News 2013 2013 Issue 2 (April) Automatically renew Flextel numbers for just 1p 11%
Faq Account and Control Panel How do I transfer numbers between my accounts? 11%
News 2009 Issue1 (April) 0870 Closure 11%
Faq Rerouting How do I reroute my numbers when I don't have internet access? 11%
Account and Control Panel Can I transfer numbers between accounts? 11%
News 2009 Issue2 (June) 0870 Update 10%
Faq Rerouting Why won't the reroute system respond when I press my telephone keypad? 9%
Solutions Professional Switchboard About Switchboards 9%
Features Conference Calls Costs 9%
News 2015 2015 Issue 7 (July) Six Month Review 8%
About Legal Code of Practice 8%
News 2000 Issue1 (November) Service Update 8%
Solutions Privacy and security Gain control over who calls you 8%
News 2015 2015 Issue 8 (August) BT Hikes Prices 7%
Features Call Blast Costs 7%
Faq Account and Control Panel Do I really need an Account? 7%
Features Smart call control SMS text rerouting 7%
News 2003 Issue1 (July) Connection Charges Dropped! 7%
Features Callback Benefits 7%
Hunt Group Costs 7%
About History Developing the Service 7%
Solutions 24 hour and emergency services Automated systems 6%
News 2008 Issue2 (May) Helping us to help you! 6%
Features Fax Costs 6%
News 2015 2015 Issue 6 (June) Call Blasting and Hunt Group Services 6%
Faq FlexCredits What happens to my calls if I run out of FlexCredits? 5%
Solutions Virtual offices Work anywhere 5%
Nuisance Calls About 5%
News 2013 2013 Issue 7 (December) Call Blocker 5%
Features Call Blocker About 5%
News 2008 Issue1 (March) Wherever you want to go! 5%
Rewards Vouchers About 4%
Solutions 24 hour and emergency services Healthcare 4%
Features Smartphone app Benefits 4%
About Legal Intellectual Property 4%
News 2016 2016 Issue 4 (April) Switchboard and Call Queuing 4%
Faq Account and Control Panel What is a PIN? 4%
Rerouting What is Route Analysis and how do I use it? 4%
Costs Monthly Plans About 4%
News 2010 2010 Issue 1 (January) Happy New Year! 4%
2005 Issue2 (September) Flextel goes International! 4%
Faq Memories and Labels About Memories - What are they and why do I need them? 4%
News 2001 Issue3 (September) Introducing the Flextel Account 4%
2004 Issue1 (February) Flextel Presents! 4%
Features Call Blast About 4%
News 2002 Issue1 (May) Statistics 4%
Features Call Statistics Benefits 4%
Solutions Publicity campaigns Shine in the public eye 4%
Professional Switchboard Basics 4%
News 2014 2014 Issue 2 (February) myAccount app launched 4%
Features Intelligent Call Diversion About 4%
News 2002 Issue3 (December) Launch of Flextel Reseller Scheme 4%
About Testimonials Customer Testimonials 4%
News 2014 2014 Issue 1 (January) Save money on your calls 4%
2012 2012 Issue 3 (August) Flextel teams up with Vibe to develop new app 4%
Faq FlexPoints What are FlexPoints? 4%
News 2011 2011 Issue 3 (March) Auto-Attendant Call Recording and Call Gateway 4%
Solutions How Flextel can help you Save your Callers Money 4%
News 2015 2015 Issue 5 (May) New VoIP Service Launched 4%
Costs Monthly Plans Choosing a Plan 4%
Solutions 24 hour and emergency services About 4%
Features Call Recording Legal matters 4%
Hunt Group About 4%
Rewards Refer Referring 4%
Faq Memories and Labels How do I manage my Memories? 3%
Features Intelligent Call Diversion Roaming Intelligent Call Diversion 3%
Smart call control Check your call routing 3%
Auto Attendant Costs 3%
Intelligent Call Diversion Using Chained Intelligent Call Diversion 3%
Call Gateway What are the benefits? 3%
News 2001 20010303 Press Release - Mad March Hares Box Clever with SMS Text! 3%
Features Queue Costs 3%
Faq Account and Control Panel What's the Difference between Passwords and PINs? 3%
Rewards Resell Resell FlexNumbers to gain FlexPoints 3%
Faq FlexCredits What are FlexCredits? 3%
Features Flextel Number Presentation Benefits 3%
Top Tips to get the best from FNP 3%
News 2006 Issue2 (September) New! Two great features 3%
About Jobs Want a Career in Internet and Telecom convergence? 3%
Features Intelligent Call Diversion Pilot Intelligent Call Diversion 3%
Faq FlexCredits What is offsetting? 3%
Solutions 24 hour and emergency services Disaster and recovery planning 3%
Faq Auto Attendant Can I set up a menu of different conference services? 3%
News 2015 2015 Issue 2 (February) Shield against Cold Callers 3%
Solutions Professional Switchboard Buy your Number(s) 3%
News 2011 2011 Issue 2 (February) Low Cost Auto-Attendant Service Launched! 3%
Solutions How Flextel can help you Ex-directory or a directory listing? 3%
News 2014 2014 Issue 3 (March) New FlexPoints system 3%
2014 Issue 6 (June) World Cup Special 3%
2014 Issue 7 (September) Flextel acts fast to protect against ShellShock vulnerability 3%
Solutions Professional Switchboard Configure the Switchboard 3%
News 2002 Issue2 (October) Commission 3%
Features Fax Benefits 2%
Smart call control Four powerful ways to control your calls 2%
News 2011 2011 Issue 7 (September) New Dial-in Reroute Control service 2%
Features Queue About 2%
Solutions How Flextel can help you Business Planning - Call Success Rated 2%
Features Fax About 2%
How to receive faxes at a different email address 2%
Solutions Nuisance Calls Network Faults 2%
Faq SMS text messages About SMS 2%
News 2007 Issue2 (December) 070 Pre Call Announcement Going, Going, Gone! 2%
Features Conference Calls Benefits 2%
Solutions How Flextel can help you Choose the best mobile phone deal 2%
News 2015 2015 Issue 1 (January) New and Improved Rewards 2%
Features Intelligent Call Diversion Notes on Intelligent Call Diversion 2%
Detailed Features 2%
Faq Costs What will the Flextel service cost me? 2%
Divert What is Divert? 2%
Features Intelligent Call Diversion Own Voicemail Intelligent Call Diversion 2%
Rewards Offsetting About 2%
Features Auto Attendant Setup - Basic 2%
Diary Rerouting About 2%
Smart call control Diary (automated) rerouting 2%
News 2015 2015 Issue 3 (March) Flextel's New Windows Apps. 2%
Features Flextel Number Presentation About 2%
Smartphone app Getting started 2%
Solutions How Flextel can help you Your callers will like it! 2%
About Legal Privacy Policy 2%
News 2007 Issue1 (November) Let's get personal! 2%
Faq Fax Is Fax to Email reliable? 2%
News 2010 2010 Issue 4 (December) Conference Recording 2%
2014 2014 Issue 8 (October) Cut your costs with Offsetting 2%
About Who is Flextel? About 2%
News 2004 Issue2 (April) New improved commission rates... 2%
2008 Issue3 (September) A Simple Reminder! 2%
Faq Memories and Labels How do I monitor and check my Memories? 2%
News 2001 Issue1 (March) Rerouting using SMS Text Messaging 2%
Faq Smartphone Is there an App I can use? 2%
Costs Call Price Calculator Receiving Calls 2%
About History Ofcom and Consumer Protection 2%
Rewards Collect Live FlexPoints Calculator 2%
News 2010 2010 Issue 3 (March) iPhone Application Launched 2%
Rewards Collect About 2%
Faq Voicemail Unable to play back voicemail? 1%
Features VoIP How to use 1%
Auto Attendant Citations 1%
Faq Voicemail Can my Voicemail go to a different address? 1%
Rerouting What Number Do I Dial to Reroute my Calls? 1%
Features Auto Attendant About 1%
Smartphone app About 1%
Faq VoIP I can register, but can't make or receive calls, why? 1%
Solutions Nuisance Calls Make money from cold callers 1%
Features Smart call control Dial-in rerouting 1%
Auto Attendant Benefits 1%
Faq Announcements How do I copy my announcement to another Flextel number 1%
Features Call Recording Maximum recording time and file size 1%
Conference Calls About 1%
Dialled Number Display Typical Application 1%
Faq Fax Why can't I open my faxes? 1%
Features Dialled Number Display About 1%
Examples 1%
Call Recording Protecting your Privacy 1%
Call Notification Benefits 1%
Solutions How Flextel can help you Solve coverage, battery or handset problems 1%
Features Auto Attendant Setup - for Advanced Users 1%
Faq International Can international callers ring my Flextel number? 1%
Rerouting Can I automatically reroute my number? 1%
Features Call Gateway About 1%
Solutions How Flextel can help you Save money by not paying for call diversion 1%
Features Call Gateway How do I use it? 1%
Call Statistics About 1%
Costs Callback Cost Calculator Callback Cost Calculator 1%
Call Price Calculator Making Calls 1%
Faq FlexCredits How do I convert FlexPoints to FlexCredits? 1%
How do I know when my FlexCredits are getting low? 1%
Account and Control Panel How can I setup an Account? 1%
Costs Monthly Plans Purchase a Monthly Plan 1%
Features Hunt Group Setup - Basic 1%
News 2016 2016 Issue 2 (February) Monthly Plans just got better! 1%
Features Callback About 1%
News 2005 Issue1 (May) Flextel Number Presentation (FNP) 1%
Faq VoIP How do I route my calls to VoIP? 1%
News 2014 2014 Issue 4 (April) New monthly statements 1%
2001 Issue2 (June) Happy Memories! 1%
2008 Issue4 (October) 070 future Ofcom gives 070 the thumbs up 1%
Faq Diary Rerouting Does the Diary adjust for my timezone? 1%
How do I activate Diary Rerouting? 1%
Account and Control Panel How can I make sure my PIN and Password are secure? 1%
About Who is Flextel? International Presence 1%
Faq Diary Rerouting How much does it cost? 1%
News 2016 2016 Issue 3 (March) Studio Quality Announcements 1%
Features Hunt Group Setup - for Advanced Users 1%
Faq Costs What is Commission? 1%
Call Notification Why do I get more than one email for each call? 1%
News 2015 2015 Issue 4 (April) Flextel's New Diary Feature 1%
Features Call Blast Setup - Basic 1%
Faq Conference Calls How many participants are allowed? 1%
Features Auto-Topup About 1%
Faq Dialled Number Display Why is Dialled Number Display not working for me? 1%
Features Call Blast Setup - for Advanced Users 1%
News 2004 Issue3 (November) Major Service Upgrade 1%
2011 2011 Issue 6 (June) Auto-Attendant Upgrade 1%
Features Voicemail Benefits 1%
Setup - Protecting your Privacy 1%
About 1%
Anonymous Call Filter About 1%
Queue Setup 1%
Flextel Number Presentation How to Activate 1%
Faq Auto Attendant Can I have a menu option for voicemail? 1%
SMS text messages Which number should I use for sending Flextel SMS commands? 1%
Features Diary Rerouting Benefits 1%